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Brian Snyder





Playtime (Must be 4 days or over):

6 days and 9 hours.


In-game Warnings (Reasons and amount, provide a screenshot. Type !warns to see a list, warnings may not exceed 20 [exceptions can be made]):

I am fully aware that the warn I got this year will affect my application.


Have you read the rules of SCPRP and understand them?:

Yes, I managed to understand them properly.


Have you read the SCP-096 rules and understand them? Demonstrate your understanding with an example or two:

SCP-096 is a docile humanoid creature that whenever someone views his face, directly or through a photo, he goes into an emotional distress and begins to scream and cry. Aproximately after one or two minutes, he begins to run at very high speeds to kill SCP-096-1 (person who viewed his face). There is nothing on this world that can get in his way to terminate SCP-096-1.

I am not allowed to:

Use my Bypasser SWEP to open doors for no reason.

Leave any SCP-096-1 alive.

Use Third Person or PAC3 to view outside my containing chamber.


Are you able to play the job often and RP correctly?:

Yes , I see SCP-096 as an SCP that can give very good roleplay experience to other players.


What is the containment procedure for SCP-096 if it has breached? Explain with as much detail as you can:

The Mobile Task Forces Epsilon 11 or Beta 7 will aproach the SCP carefully from the back , they put a bucket on his head and they drag him back to his cell, making sure that the SCP is facing the wall so that it reduces the chances of breaching in the future. I personally recommended to clear the area before to make sure that no other people will increase the danger of activating him again and making mess in the whole facility.


While in a test, the D-Class they have put in your Containment Chamber has run out and managed to get to the Entrance Zone after looking at your face. What course of action do you take and what do you do once your target is dead?:

I start to run to him , on my way I use the SWEP Keycard to open the Checkpoint door and if there is a person in the frame of a door blocking my way to him , I wait around 5 seconds for him to move or I kill him. After I reach my target and proceed to terminate him I sit on his body waiting for someone to contain me, but if there is one more SCP-096-1 that looked at me on the way I proceed to kill him as well.


While chasing SCP-096-1, you pass a researcher, MTF personnel and D-Class who all look at your face accidentally. You manage to kill your original target and you circle back to kill the rest. Is this a good RP scenario and why? (Free form question.):

In my personal opinion, I consider that it's correctly proceeded because I have to follow an order of my SCP-096-1's to kill.


A Group of Interest has entered the facility and is attempting to bring you to their base. While transporting you, one of the members sees your face, however says that it was an accident and that you should just ignore it. What should you do and why?:

SCP-096 is a creature with minimal intelligence, it will not forgive a mistake or know what is one.

I appreciate your time spent reading my application!


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Positive +1

+ Good playtime

+ Good application and show understanding of the rules

- 4 warnings, one of which says you tried to use 096 to cause chaos which kind of made me think against you despite reading such a good application. Will give you benefit of believing you have learnt from this. 

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You have a good understanding of what SCP-096 is, You also have demonstrated good knowledge on how SCP-096 is contained so you may be able to help new members who might not know how to contain SCP-096, reading through this application and seeing how it is formatted is very impressive, gotta give you this +1 because you are seeming very professional in this application

One of your warns sorta through me off though (Failbreach) you know that this can hurt your chance of becoming SCP-096 in the future but from this mistake you can lurn and from this lesion you can grow into someone who can deliver some amazing roleplay, 6 days on the server and only 4 warns, try not to get anymore and good luck with your application and I look fowerd to roleplaying with you some tome on the server

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