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William Connors


What country are you from?:


How well do you speak and understand English?:




In-Game name(s):
William Connors




Play Time. Must be at least 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP):
16w 5d 14h 51m 05s


Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?:
Platinum VIP


Do you have a microphone?:


Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?:


Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum):

I have previous experience as a staff member on DarkRP as well as WG's SCP RP. I am mature when it is needed, able to keep my cool easily and work well in a team.  With my Fluent German i am also able to help German players who might not fully understand english, so that no problems arise with that.


Obviously though i am not without Flaws, nobody is. 

My last Semester as a staff member added poorly with me being demoted for complaining too much about certain things and being childish during the end, though since then I have had therapy, and i can safely say that won't repeat itself.  I am well familiar with the Staff Commands, though obviously will do a refresher so i get everything right. In all my time on this server I've always wanted the best for it, and being staff and assisting is one of those things. 

Some of the Current staff might still remember me when I was staff, would know that before my decent that lead to my demotion, i was, In personally opinion a decent staff member. 

Though at this point i would also say that if i ever felt myself "Dropping" again, that i would resign before it escalated like last time, though in fairness, the last drop happened after about a year of being staff, so no worries there. 

Thanks for reading through this, and I hope I can see you soon as a fellow member of the staff team.


How long will you be able to play per day?:
at least 4 hours


Any past experience as staff?
As stated above, both in DarkRP, and SCPRP


Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.):

5 Warns in Total: 


  1. Pac3 Abuse: Had an edgy 035 pac which filled a hallway with darkness
  2. FailRP: Don't Remember
  3. Ardm: I heard CI kill a security and shot them when they came up the stairs (Still think it's invalid)
  4. FearRP: After rejoining the server after a hiatus, i hadn't read about the near FearRP Rules 
  5. Breaking Building Rules: Had a dupe in the apartments that took up the empty side.


Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No:
Unless new ones got added since I left, Yeah I still know all of them, though as stated above, will do a refresher either way.


Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):
SCP RP Is a Roleplay server based on the lore of the SCP Lore, Not the SCP Containment Breach Game. 
It involves a Organization tasked with capturing and studying Anomalous creatures and Entities, in the hope of understanding and stopping them from harming Mankind. The Foundation is split up into three sections;

Light Containment:

The starting area for most players, containing the D-block where the D-class personell, who are used for testing spawn, as well as some SCPs, not limited to SCP 173, A Living Statue able to move faster than the eye can see when not observed,

SCP 914: A Device able to refine anything put into it's input, thougho n the server only the 1-1 option is highlighted.

SCP:913: A Normal Human with a high metabolism having to eat a hundredfold of what a normal person eats

SCP 457: A Living Flame wishing to engulf all in fire

SCP 500: A jar of pills able to cure any desease, though only limited ammounts are left.


The Heavy Containment zone is primarily for the harder to contain scps usually under the Euclid or Keter classification, meaning they are hardly understood and very dangerous.

Not Limited to: 

SCP-682: A Giant Lizard with a hatred of all life and the ability to withstand large ammounts of damage

SCP-049: A Plague doctor able to return the dead to life as zombies

SCP-008 An Airborne Virus turning anyone in contact into zombies, though not the same as 049

SCP-096: A Elongated Pale humanoid who will hunt anyone who sees it's face down to the ends of the earth.

SCP-035: A Comedy/Tragedy Mask which is able to take over anyone who wears it and control their body.+


Both the Entry zone and the Light Containment Zone have a designated breach shelter for personnel to go to during a raid or a breach.


Meanwhile the Entry zone is usually for Site Administration, Mobile Task Force Units and the Two Exits, being Gate A And the Maintenance Tunnel, which both lead to the surface. 


The Chaos Insurgency is the Clear Antithesis to the Foundation, wanting to steal the SCPs and use them for their own benefit, usually raiding the foundation and killing foundation personnel. 

The server also includes organizations like:
Marshal Carter and Dark, who capture and sell Anomalies to the highest bidder, as well as sell weapons. 


UIU: A Suborganization of the FBI who try to keep anomalies from the civil eye, usually working with the police.

Sarkiks: A church who pray to the God Yaldabaoth, Ascociated with Flesh

Church of the Broken God: The Mortal Enemy of the Sarkiks, praying to Mekhane, Ascociated with mechanization (Currently not on the server)

The civilian population on top is governed by the mayor and his police force.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:

Yes i understand the server's Rules, though the most famous ones are: 

Do not RDM (Random Death match) Meaning do not kill someone for no reason

Don't Metagame: Using out of character information for in Character reasons

Don't Break FearRP: If you are cuffed and have a gun pointed at you, you need to do what you are told

Don't Propminge: Using props to push people around, fly around, or kill people.


Edited by Richard Steiner
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yikes bro

Current Ranks: ICRP Admin

Previous Ranks: Sith Sub-Path Leader, Battalion Lieutenant Colonel, 501st Vice-Commander/Lieutenant Commander, DarkRP Admin, Deathrun Admin, CG Colonel, SCP RP Super Admin. SCP-096, The Serpants Hand, CI Delta, IJAMEA, O5-3. Site Director, GOC, Echo-14, MC&D Salesman, Anderdon Robotics Robot, Sarkic Karcist/Vice-Manager, SCP-1048 (When WL), Head Researcher, MTF E-11 Commander, Ethics Committee, Church of the broken God Maxwellism/Orthodox, Harrow-23 Manager And NU-7


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