Mark Kuntson

Group of Interest Designations, Information and Relations Dossier

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Bellow you will find a link to a spreadsheet containing a lot of information regarding all Groups of Interest, as well as their relations with each other. 

Some GoI have multiple numbers assigned to tchem depending on the author of the article, for example the Chaos Insurgency is both GoI-0002 and GoI-0055. On the spreadsheet I chose the numbers mentioned the most.

You will find there:

- all the GoIs with a name and designations mentioned in the SCP-wiki Foundation Hub

- all the GoIs mentioned in SCP articles

- all Major GoI relations (Major GoIs being the ones that can he found here)

- all Major GoI pacts and alliances

You won't find there:

- any GoI not from the SCP-wiki Foundation Hub

- any GoI without a name or without designations


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