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(IG)Documentation: Crosstesting 682& 294

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Same story as with the last crosstesting document. While Nook said that hell be making some kind of database for such files, i felt like publishing this one anyway as i already finished it earlier this night. 
With this file, i went less formal and more "i tell a story" like as i want to try out things.

Feedback would be appreciated. 
To the ones who might dislike those posts within the general section of the SCPRP forums: this will certainly be one of the last posts if not the last one here on the forums.
Anyway, i hope you can enjoy reading!



Log Entry:
Date: 22/04/2021 - 22:37 UTC // 10:37pm UTC
Leading Researcher: Sr. Researcher - Dr. Lyren Trou / CL3
Subjects: D-4121, D-4223 & D-4446
Involved Security: E-11 Containment / CL3, E-11 Specialist / CL3, Medic / CL2, two Lieutenants / CL3 
SCPs Involved/Used: 682 & 294 (four cups narcotics)
Supervised by: ECM, SA

Documentation Start:
Attempt #1:
The SA helped me to gather a couple of guards and four class ds. However, the test seemed to be so interesting, that the whole security block followed us to 682s Containment Chamber.
After multiple attempts by the SA and Dr. Lyren Trou to get rid of all those guards, MTF units joined too.
It didn't take long for someone to screw something up and 682 breached Containment. All Class-Ds and a dozen of guards have suffocated in the process.
The SD, DoEA, and ECM then restricted access to 682s Containment Chamber and disallowed further interaction with it.
Noone has been put responsible for the mentioned incident.

Attempt #2:
A couple of days forward and I have been granted permission to retry.
Now, only 3 Class-Ds were needed and a lot fewer guards. Everything was held more secretive this time. 
Dr. Lyren Trou prepared 682s Containment Chamber and Control Room with needed utility and equipment while selected security took care of gathering Class-Ds.
Just as all preparations had been finished, 682 breached Containment once again. At this point, we could tell that 682 had a vague understanding of what was being planned and it surely wasn't happy.
All Class-Ds have been killed in the process and three new ones have been called in a final time. If this would fail again, no second chance would be given.
An IT Technician has been put responsible for the mentioned incident in form of sabotage.

Three more Class-Ds have been called in. D-4121, D-4223 & D4-2446. The medic in charge injected the content of the first cup into D-4223s right forearm.
D-4223 has been sent into SCP-682s Containment Chamber. SCP-682 did not wait long and enjoyed his meal.
After a rough estimate of 20 minutes, it was noticed that SCP-682 finally began to show signs of exhaustion and weakness.
Phase two consisted of D-4121 getting injected with SCP-294s version of narcotics just as D-4223 was. Besides, D-4121 has been given a cup of liquid narcotics. 
D-4121 has been sent into SCP-682s Containment Chamber. SCP-682 was significantly slower and less interested in D-4121. It needed 34 minutes and 12 seconds of waiting until SCP-682 approached D-4121.
D-4121 threw the cup of narcotics into SCP-682s mouth as ordered, which after D-4121 has been eaten by SCP-682.
This was already great progress as prior attempts of slowing SCP-682s metabolism, have all failed utterly.

Phase three has been initiated around 40 minutes after D-4121 suffocated to SCP-682. 
D-4446 was sent into SCP-682s Containment Chamber with a cup of liquid narcotics. As ordered, he slowly approached SCP-682 and emptied the liquid into its mouth. SCP-682 was not showing any signs of resistance as of now.
While SCP-682s metabolism was already slowed down to the needed point, this was to ensure that SCP-682 would stay in a calm and stable state throughout D-4446s doings.
D-4446 took a saliva probe from underneath SCP-68s tongue using tools we provided. SCO-682 was not showing any kind of discomfort as of now.
Subject D-4446 has been ordered to get a blood probe from the SCP-682s ribcage. Yet, we received the same result. 
It was very fortunate to see that SCP-294s version of liquid narcotics slowed down SCP-682s metabolism to such an advanced point. There was just one hook.
SCP-682 is known to be very intelligent. We can not confirm if SCP-682 was just acting upon us or if it was actually weakened. This would have to be looked into further another day, another time.
D-4446 managed to also successfully retrieve a blood probe of SCP-682. Now to the harder tasks.
D-4446 has been provided with a knife and a hammer-like tool. Upon communication, D-4446 attempted to cut off a part of SCP-682s skin. After just a couple of tries, D-4446 managed to retrieve a two-by-three-inch big piece of skin.
SCP-682 started showing discomfort and more activity upon this process. Its eyes picked up movement again. Its breath got heavier. D-4446 was ordered to stay calm and pet SCP-682. Surprisingly, SCP-682 stood calm and kept on "cooperating."
D-4446 went on as told. He used the knife in combination with the hammer as a chisel and broke off one of SCP-682s teeth.
SCP-682 did not respond in any way.
D-4446 proceeded to use the same technique on a piece of bone SCP-682s bones. It took D-4446 27 strikes at full power to break off a tiny piece of bone.
SCP-682 seemed to be angered and suddenly picked up lots of activity. Its eyes started scouting the room, its tail swang from left to right, and SCP-682 turned its head straight to D-4446.
D-4446 got nervous but complied with Dr. Trou´s orders. D-4446 slowly approached the wall behind him while going backward and letting his voice down. SCP-682 approached D-4446 in small steps.
As told, D-4446 began to sing for SCP-682 and slowly made his way towards the blast door. The present E-11 units successfully retrieved D-4446 out of SCP-682s Containment Chamber.

All probes have been given to Dr. Lyren Trou for further research. Subject D-4446 has been given Class-A Amnestics, which after he has been sent back to the D-Cell block.

Awaiting further testing

<//LOG END\\>


Edited by Tikomatura - Lyren Trou

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Enjoyed reading both of your cross-testing, glad you got accepted for both of these. Not sure if you got accepted for the 035 one you asked me for but O5 never got back to me on if you could do it. Not sure if they spoke to you about. Either way glad you got to do both of these. Keep up the good work, will most likely make a good HR one day.

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10 minutes ago, Nio Deppilf said:

Enjoyed reading both of your cross-testing, glad you got accepted for both of these. Not sure if you got accepted for the 035 one you asked me for but O5 never got back to me on if you could do it. Not sure if they spoke to you about. Either way glad you got to do both of these. Keep up the good work, will most likely make a good HR one day.

It was 049, not 035 and yes, i have actually just gotten permission like 15ish minutes ago. The ECM signed the document but i couldnt get to the O5 all day due to the pressure of the UIU and CI. However, he apparently just got back on a short while ago and well, i took my chance to meet him. Permission request has been approved and im good to go ^^

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