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Tomas Andri
How well do you speak and understand English:

I speak and understand English very well.

In Game Name(s):

Tomas Andri


What country are you from?:


Are you a VIP/GoldVip?:

I am a GoldVIP.

Do you have a microphone?:
Yes I do.

Do you have TeamSpeak (Required)?:

Yes I have TeamSpeak.

Why should we pick you (250 word minimum):  
I think you should pick me for staff because I have played a long time on the server, and I am willing to be staff on it and regulate rules. I have good playtime and a good understanding of the SCP-RP Rules. I am also very friendly towards other players, and I am mature. I am willing to help others with their problems on their server and learn to be staff. I am also very active on the discord and am willing to grow with WG and stay with them for a long time. I can assist the other staff members with their problems and help them with anything if they need it. I can be active and will not minge. I also have a good lore understanding and server knowledge so I can help people with RP scenarios. I can handle stressful situations with ease, and I am not biased to anyone in a sit. I will not warn or ban people for stupid reasons and will give them a second chance if it is needed since people can make mistakes and learn off them. I will be serious during staff sits and will not mess around during them. I can tell which is right or wrong in a sit and will be respectful to both players.
I have no staff experience, but I am willing to learn everything about being staff and being active. I will also answer sits and help people with mod stuff even when I am not Staff on Duty.

How long will you be able to play every day?:

I can play between 1-6 hours a day depending on the day and if I have to do something.

Any past experience as staff:

I have no past experience as staff.

Any previous warns/bans? if so why?: 
I have 0 warns and 0 bans. 

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No:

Yes I think I know a lot of the basic commands.
!goto [Name] Teleports to the selected player
!return [Name] Returns the player to their original position
!bring [Name] Brings the selected player to you
!ban [Name] Bans the selected player

!kick [Name] [Reason] Kicks the selected player out of the server
!Cloak  Cloaks the person

  !Uncloak     Uncloaks the person
!Noclip Allows the person fly through walls
 !warn [Name, SteamID, Steam64] [Reason] warns the selected player
!demote [Name] Demotes the selected player

!god [Name] Puts the selected player in godmode
!mute [Name] Selected player cannot speak in text chat
!gag [Name] Selected player cannot speak in voice chat

!freeze [Name] Freezes the selected player in place

!unfreeze [Name] Unfreezes the selected player

Do you know what SCP-RP is about?: 
SCP-RP is a roleplay server that imitates the life of living as Foundation Personnel, MTF or even Civilians living outside a Foundation Facility without knowing. The server offers many SCP's to play as or high ranking people such as the Site Director or Head of External Affairs. It also has GOI's such as UIU, Sarkicisim, Marshall Carter & Dark or even the Chaos Insurgency. You can also play as a Class-D and simulate being a prisoner and being brought into tests that the Research Department carries out. The city outside the facility is known as 'Ovis City' and is located in the state of Oregon.

Mobile Task Forces:
There are 4 Mobile Task Forces in SCP-RP.

MTF Nu-7 'Hammer Down'
MTF Nu-7 a Mobile Task Force that is only called during catastrophic events and is basically the army of the foundation.

MTF E-11 'Nine Tailed Fox' 
MTF E-11 is a MTF that is dispatched to sites that have lost control, and/or several breaches have been confirmed.

MTF Beta-7 'Maz Hatters'
MTF Beta-7 is a Mobile Task Force that specializes in containment of anomalies that are extremely infectious, radioactive or have extreme chemical powers. 

MTF Alpha-1 'Red Right Hand'
MTF A-1 is a Mobile Task Force that reports directly to the O5 Council and is used in situations that require the strictest security. This task force consists of the best and most loyal operatives the foundation has. 

GOI's (Groups of Interest)

Unusual Incidents Unit

UIU or Unusual Incidents Unit is a branch of the FBI that investigates unusual incidents, a lot of these being anomalies. 
Marshall, Carter & Dark
Marshall, Carter & Dark is a organization that sells stuff such as drugs, guns and even anomalies, it is a group of the extremely rich and they only care about making money. They try to remain secretive.

The Chaos Insurgency

The Chaos Insurgency is a major rival organization to the foundation and its only objective is to create chaos inside the Foundation and try to destroy it. It is made of rebelled agents of the foundation. It was founded in the years following WW1.

Clearance Levels
Clearance Level 0 is a security clearance that personnel who need no knowledge of anomalous objects or entities in containment. It is often given to janitors in the facility.
Clearance Level 1 is given to people working in proximity with anomalous objects but they still barely know anything about the anomalies

Clearance Level 2 is given to Security and Research personnel that require direct access to information about the anomalies and entities in containment.

Clearance Level 3 is given to senior security and research personnel that require in depth data of the anomalies and entities in containment.

Clearance Level 4 is given to Site Administation and MTF Commanders. It has strategic data regarding foundation operations and research projects.

Clearance Level 5 is given to the O5 Council and grants access to all information within the foundation database. 

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP:
Yes, and I will demonstrate my knowledge with some examples

RDM - Killing someone without a valid reason

Metagaming - Using Out-of-Character info In-Character
RDA - Random Arrest is arresting someone without a valid reason
FailRP - Doing something that would be unrealistic In-Character

NLR - New Life Rule acts as if you have a new life and cannot use any of the information you gained last life.
Micspam - Playing music or using a soundboard in your mic. Screaming in your mic also counts as micspam.

Job Abuse - When you switch jobs using the F4 menu to give yourself an advantage.

thanks for reading



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3 hours ago, Tikomatura - Lyren Trou said:

You have not been playing much lately, have you?

Aside from my enormous activity, this is the first time reading your name.

It probably has to do with what time you are on or what job you play since i have been very active the past couple of months

Edited by Tomas Andri
spelling error
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9 hours ago, Tomas Andri said:

It probably has to do with what time you are on or what job you play since i have been very active the past couple of months

Throughout the last two weeks, ive been on more or less constantly. I guess you just cant meet everyone on a daily basis no matter how active you are. Probably roleplayed in diff departments at diff times. 

Anyway, your app seems solid though i dont quite want to give a plus for it due to me not really knowing you at all.
Ill stick with neutral for now and wait for community feedback 🙂

Good luck regardless!


76561198326381524.png                                        Hello

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I've always found myself in roleplay situations, either with you on HoEA or Nu7 for examples, and you've been class to RP with. You've got good playtime too and you've always shown maturity too. I don't really see a reason why you shouldn't be given a chance!


Proud owner of the famous Gromit Mug.



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