Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: SCP RP

Your name in-game: timmythetowel

Your SteamID: Steam ID 0:0239802563

Admins' name that banned you: No idea

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?: For RDMing in the D class zone and arresting a D class


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Because I did it once and normally follow the rules, was being a tool and totally deserved to be banned at the time. Totally cool if you don't want to. But did have a lot of fun there before with the others.

Anything else?: 

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Steam ID fixed
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"Normally i follow the rules" and "being a tool" does not quite fit together. It stated in the rules that if someone requests you to do something which would break a server rule, you are to deny said thing without having to pose ic or ooc punishments. 

Your very short "evidence" just shows that you have barely put any thought into the appeal.

"I did have lots of fun with others before"


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