John Frazbear

Banned for spamming props

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Server I got banned from: SCPRP

My name in-game: John Frazbear

My SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:594029507 

Admins' name that banned me: The Whisper (something like that)

Admin's SteamID: I don't know there steam id 

Why did I get banned?: I got banned for spamming props and "trying to crash the server", I had no intention at all of trying to crash the server.

Why do I deserve to be unbanned?: So I can continue to play the server, I would hate to stay permanently banned as this is also the first ever server I ever played on, I believe I've learned my lesson as its been 2 weeks but its your call if I deserve to be unbanned, I genuinely am sorry for spamming props.

Anything else: there's nothing else.

if you cant unban me could you at least shorten it.

Here's the proof of ban:

Garry's Mod 26_04_2021 15_42_46.png

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Making an unban request just two weeks after getting banned for something like this?

Sorry not sorry pal.

If you wouldve used just a tiny bit of brain capacity you clearly have as you managed to create a profile, add a profile picture and make an unban appeal, you wouldnt have spammed props in the first place on a server you like so much even if there was no intend on crashing.

Someone that has 10 or 20+ hrs in gmod, will definetly know what props can do and hoe they can be abused ESPECIALLY on a server without propprotection (whoch we now sadly have bcs of ppl like you)



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