KingMyth's Ban Appeal

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Server you got banned from: SCP

Your name in-game: Unsure but my main is KingMyth

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:105071713

Admins' name that banned you: Doesn't say.

Admin's steamID: Doesn't say

Why did you get banned?:
The reason I was banned was because I tricked an admin into setting my role to a certain job named ( Onmiont ) - Think that was the name and I didn't actually have the access or have the whitelist. The job had access to jump out of it's body and travel into the spirit world and drag people along with them.


Un-necessary / Haven't got any.
Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

I believe I should be considered to be unbanned because it's almost been a year now since the incident happened and looking back at my actions I see that I shouldn't have done that, I feel incredibly sorry for the Admin dealing with the sit because I deceived him and in doing so got myself banned which I understand was necessary, I have spent a long time on that server and want to continue doing so, I hope "this time" I will be accepted and be able to continue  playing.

Anything else?:

To the Admin that dealt with my sit I am deeply sorry for my actions and hope I get a second chance to play along side you if you still play the server, I understand last time I made an appeal I wasn't the most polite or calm person but at that time I just got upset, for the people I have wronged on the server as a whole I'm sorry.


If anyone wishes to speak to me about anything my discord is  -  KingMyth#5663

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I remember the job you mean it was the Oneiroi Collective.

I mean lying to staff is like pretty stupid. And you know what they all say "Play stupid games win stupid prices". If you haven't been permanently banned befor I guess you should have a 2nd chance.

So yea +1 unless you already had your 2nd chance.

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He waited a fair amount of time for not a super big incident. Theres definetly worse things than tricking people into setting you WL jobs. Dont know who that staff member was and if he also banned you, but that wouldve been a warn and a timed ban for me


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