Oswald Bruner

SD Application

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In-Game Name:

Oswald Bruner





In-Game Time [Proof Required]:


Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:

CI Delta, MC&D Salesman, Site Adviser (if that counts), B-7 CMDR and HOMD

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:

Throughout my time playing both as foundation and various GOIs I have gained a perspective on how the foundation operates inside and out. I also know the foundation legal codex well and how to quickly navigate it when the need arises. I am able to quickly think on my feet and make optimal decisions in certain situations. Also, from playing as Delta and MC&D Salesman I have learned different tactics and methods that could be applied as site director. Things like flanking, surveillance, guarding flanks and having lookouts. As well as non-combat tactics like negotiating hostage situations and temporary relations with GOIs and certain individuals. As far as my actual leadership abilities go I tend to lead with a more laissez faire style, opposed to very strict. I am not incapable of being strict though, and will do so if the need arises. I do, however, tend to remain strict on groups that contain largely new foundation personnel. Groups like research, security and other low-ranking groups. My general theory is that not ruling with an iron fist heightens morale, as doing so makes people feel oppressed. Happy people make the best decisions, which means everything. 

What role does the Site Director have on the site?

The Site Director's role on-site is to ensure the general running and well-being of the site is at a good level. You watch over the departments of the site, ensuring everything they do is safe and within the legal codex. You also have the ultimate say-so over things that happen, excluding the O-5 council, who can overrule you if they deem it fit. So it is your responsibility to make big decisions, which are hopefully well advised with the communication channels you may get. Outside of the foundation you are also responsible for coordinating raids if the need arises. Planning strategies is a large part of raid coordination, and with the Site Director having more info than the MTF, you may have to inform them of something they don't have access to. But do this only when necessary, in the event of a MTF unit being captured you don't want sensitive intelligence to be taken.

What is the O5 Council?:

The O-5 Council is the name for a group of people who are the highest ranking members of the foundation. They have unrestricted and complete access to all information, and are generally considered to be the most powerful people in the world. They have near limitless resources and funding at their disposal, as well as seeds of influence and spies everywhere. They are the highest-value members of the foundation, ranked at Class-A of importance, the highest level. They have the final and undisputable say-so in any foundation matter. Most decisions made by O-5 need at least 2/3 approval from the council to pass. Their decisions are always smart and well informed, and debated and passed from different O-5 Council members. Ensuring that each decision has multiple opinions from people of different backgrounds with different experiences.

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