Viatza's Event Planner Request

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Basic Information:

Steam profile link and name:

What name(s) you have in the Roleplay: Viatza, Eeth Koth and Kane

What Ranks I Have On SWRP: Jedi Curator And CT Trooper 

What age do I have: Almost 16

Discord Name On the Server and Personal Name: Viatza aka Eeth Koth (Server) and Viatza aka Darth Sidious#8994 (Personal)

Any experience on staffing or Administrating: Unfortunately No 




Do you Have A Working Microphone and It is Understandable: Yes

Question and Answers:

Why Do You Want To Be An EP: The reason why I want to be an EP because I think it's a new experience and very helpful for the community and the server, I respect All The EP'S I think they do a great job and I want to be one just like them

Have you made any Type OF event Before: If it counts the PME, yes, I am a Jedi Curator and I did in my hole carrier as an Historian some Holograms, The people liked them and the people I get sometimes liked it as well. That's another reason why I want to be an EP.

Do you have any experience on Commands or anything to do with EP's: Unfortunately no, but I it's a good reason cuz you can learn something new and interesting, with some help from the older EP's and the Administration Team I think I will handle it.

Any other reasons you think it's a good idea to be an EP's: I want to make some events as well, cuz they are fun and enjoyable if you have the right people to assist, i understand that I need a training and a supervisor and I hope I will be an Ep and I hope to help and learn how to be a good one.

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I understand quite abit of his app is missing but if it was there I know for a fact Viatza would put alot of effort into RP aspects of events and would be willing to do the work. Sadly alot of it is missing so I don't have too much to say but I do feel like Viatza could do well with the right app written due to his mindset to always do well and as seen in Jedi, many people love him with his lectures and is a key part of the reason consular is doing well.

It sucks the app isn't fully completed but I wish Viatza the best of luck in the future



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+1 is me galactic. best jedi and super mega supportive. very suitable for EP❤️

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hello wearwolf players




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Tbh i reckon Viatza would make a great EP. He puts an obscene amount of effort into any and all aspects of RP in Jedi and i can imagine him putting in the same work when it comes to his responsibility as an EP.

Unfortunately however, most of the template is missed.

9 hours ago, Solaire said:

It sucks the app isn't fully completed but I wish Viatza the best of luck in the future

Pretty much what Solaire said ^^

Current Ranks:


Previous Ranks:

21st Commander - Jedi Paladin - 74th AMO - Battalion Captain - GM Colonel


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- Poor Template
Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks, with the correct template.

former ct 2245 bong

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