Zack Micheal Smith

Zack Micheal Smith's SD Application

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In-Game Name:
Zack Micheal Smith (Ace, Osiris Ryker)



In-Game Time [Proof Required]:
6w | 22h


Past Experience in leadership/highranking positions:
E-11 Commander | ECM | HoEA | SD (Before it was whitelisted) | HR (If that counts) | Nu-7 Commander (Before the Whitelist System was changed) | CI Delta and MC&D Salesman (Technically they lead people but don't know if they count).

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director ?:
Several reasons;
Reason 1: I believe that I have good leadership and have enough smarts to be able to lead a site if there is no O5 on site.
Reason 2: I believe that I can make correct and quick decisions in tight situations which I believe is crucial for being the Site Director.
Reason 3: I know a lot about what goes on in the server and how it's played enough so that I won't make idiotic decisions. I believe I know how to RP correctly and enough and how to deal with a diverse amount of situations.

What role does the Site Director have on site ?:
Well as it states the Site Director Directs the site. The SD take control over the site when either there is no O5 Council Members present or if an O5 Council Member requests it. The Site Director gets the final say and can overrule certain decisions. Although with this, the O5 can overrule the SD if they think he/she has made a bad decision. The Site Director reports directly to the Council and no one else. Stated by the name, the Site Director makes all of the large scale decisions around the site and holds control other than when, moving back to my last statement, the O5 overrules him. The Site Director works closely with all the other Foundation Administration to ensure the upmost security within the site. They also make sure Safety measures are all up to check so that no possible breaches are imminent and if there were to be a breach the SD would order which MTF's and which units to assist in the re-containment. The SD also works very closely with the HoEA. This is to ensure all surface precautions are up to standard and to make sure that no one on surface that shouldn't know about the Foundation, DOESN'T know about the Foundation. The Site Director is always put in large scale decisions that require the most diligent skills to get through. 

What is the O-5 Council ?:
The O5 Council or "Overseers", are a group of people that have CL5 and run the Foundation behind the scene's not telling many Foundation of their existence. The O5 Council consists of 13 Members. There is the O5-1 to O5-12 and then O5-13 who is a "Tiebreaker". The council knows about everything going in and out of the foundation and keeps a record of virtually everything. CL3 And below do not know for sure if the O5 council actually exists and have only heard rumor's. This is for safety reasons as they are a special class of beings. The reason they are so secretive is because they are all of high intelligence and are extremely skilled in every aspect. There is no one else on earth with the amount of Intelligence and tactical skills that the O5 Council Members have. They are able to overrule any decision made by anyone on site. They are the highest Clearance and have full control over the SCP Foundation.  


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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

Application has enough detail and applicant has experience. However O5s usually do not lead the site. You are meant to do that unless the an O5 for some reason takes control. If I find that you are dependent on O5s well then you will not be fit for the WL.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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