Robert House's SD Application

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In-Game Name: Robert House

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:237507862

Age: 18

In-Game Time [Proof Required]:  2 Weeks 4 Days

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Not much. Much of Site Administration or leadership position experience has been gained by, "observational learning" playing SA and HoS and watching how the SD runs the show.

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: Although I may lack site admin experience I still do know much information about the site and how to run it.  As an Adviser, I have spent alot of time reading and watching how other site admins make decisions, I'm well informed of the rules and laws of the site and extremely competent  in being responsible for running it.
I have a very good ability to role play. I have spent thousands of hours on role-play servers. Something I see lacking on the server is role-play. I can make in-character decisions that are ethical while still following site laws and server rules.  My ability to role play in running the site as an admin will not only make it more fun for other people to play, it generally will keep the server from becoming a cluster f**k of RDM and FailRP.
My ability to make critical decisions
in high pressure moments. There will be times when we are getting raided by groups who look to harm the foundation and her interests., at the same time we may have keter class breach. During those times I will be able to quickly make decisions- such as mobilizing MTF teams to deal with both situations efficiently and effectively. There may be other times when high ranking staff have broken laws and regulations of the foundation. I can make a smart and fair decision the will punish said person and at the same time, set an example for others so the future incidents will not occur.
My general knowledge about the site and her staff. As stated at the beginning, I'm well aware of what the staff needs to do and how to do it. This is critical in making sure that things don't fall apart. I'm aware of what MTF, security, researchers etc.... are responsible and I'm well aware of proper protocols of the site and can follow them strictly to a T.  As well as my ability to listen and follow orders from my superiors and in certain situations, server staff.

What role does the Site Director have on the site? The site director sees all day to day operations of their specific assigned site and manage its staff. They are the voice in the decisions  that maintain the operation of the site. Excluding the 05, they are the highest ranking personal on site. Any issues, questions or requests on site are to be sent to the SD for approval. They Cross the T's and dot the i's in many paperwork before sending it off to the 05 for review. The pull daily reports from the departments and make sure the staff is doing what they are assigned to do. They will mobilize on site MTF teams to deal with any threats that may hurt the site and her staff. They may also work with a team of advisers that will help them in the decision making for the site but in the end, the SD has the final say. Sometimes, they themselves may walk around the site, observing the structural integrity of the and moderating the staff. As stated before, the director has complete control of the site and thus their decisions can directly affect the well being of humanity, so crucial screening and testing is required in the selection process before a director is appointed to a site.

What is the O5 Council?: The 05 Council is a highly classified group of people made up of 13 12  individuals. who oversee, (as the O imply's) all operations of the SCP foundation, it's staff and the anomalous objects and things that are contained.  They have complete control over everything that the foundations does, or will do. You can think of them as a, "Board of Directors", more or less, making critical decisions for the foundation and her well being. These individuals are also directly responsible in making decisions that may or may not affect humanity. That being said, you could consider them the most influential and most powerful people on the face of the earth. Some even having anomalous ability's and  some staff wounder if they are even human.
Descriptions of the 05 Council is  still very much unknown. Many of the information related to 05 is either redacted or locked behind a extremely high security clearances. They are so secretive that their existence still comes into question by many foundation personal.
Some 05 are dedicated to the oversee of specific tasks  or staff of the foundation. 

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