Simpson's Unwarn Request

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My In-Game name:   Jedi Sage Simpson/ 104th LT Simpson

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:225033030

Steam Name:  Simpson

What is the reason for your warn:   Combat Healing

Name of the staff member who warned you:  Bongo (But he was a EC and was names b1 op)

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: It was during an event on anaxes when the GR was turned off and it was so it was pitch black and I was unable to see anyone but Cobolt's red name and I thought there was no ECs nearby to my knowledge and he had his shield out so I thought it was ok and safe to heal him and the second I begin healing him ECs run around the corner shooting us and before my brain registered what was happening the ECs were shouting combat healing so I tried to stop fast and leap away and because of some lag delay my force power didnt switch fast enough and so I healed for a second by accident 

I don't Have a clip of this unfortunately since I don't have shadow play but I asked and Cobolt said he can be evidence if needs be 

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Hello, so I was the one that warned you and it is very obvious from my point of view that you were combat healing.

1 hour ago, Simpson said:

thought there was no ECs nearby to my knowledge

You literally look directly at me before healing. It is clear in the clip that I have shown SMT.

To be honest, this seems like the type of unwarn request where you know you wont get unwarned, so you just admit you are wrong and make excuses to suit your case, which is apparent you either lied or just lost your sight for the moments you were looking at me.

Hope this puts it to rest,


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former ct 2245 bong

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In the clip you can clearly see that you looked at Bongo shooting then turned back to heal Cobalt, I dont see anyway you couldn't have known he was there as he was basically hugging you he was so close and you looked right at him. Also make sure next time when making an unban appeal you provide evidence.

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