Bruno Woodston

Bruno Woodston's MC&D Salesman application

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Common Roleplay Name: Bruno Woodston

Steam Name: PostTac

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:104209528

Your Current Playtime(3 days minimum)Screenshot_488.png.73d4d0935ea21a8b3779ff1e49ef8be0.png

Your Current Warns (10 warn limit, take a screenshot. Exceptions may be made.): 1 warn for FailRP, going to surface as IT.Screenshot_487.thumb.png.177f3bdde4a615b3c9f9b0a64357d98b.png

Why do you want to join MC&D?:

I would like to join MC&D for multiple reasons. One of them is the possibility of making quite a lot of money. Second reason is I believe that MC&D in lore is the most interesting and the one GoI (except foundation) that has the most possibility of roleplaying. Third reason is more of a personal reason, I would like to improve my roleplaying skills and do something interesting as MC&D, not just sell weapons and drugs. (Of course in the limits of the job rules and CoC).

What do you know about MC&D?(50 words minimum):

MC&D or Marshall Carter & Dark is an organization that is involved in the anomalous. Their goal is to make as much profit as possible. It is based in London but MC&D has clubs around the globe. For example, Hong Kong, New York has divisions of MC&D. It mainly specializes in selling the anomalous. It has many connections with very powerful people, therefor they are able to flatten a country with a mere phone call. It is also quite a small organization at the core, only about a hundred work in MC&D, others are outsourced. Their customers are not only one group, due to MC&D’s goals, it sells to anyone who can afford it’s merchandise, to the highest bidder of said merchandise, of course. MC&D would not be as successful as it is if it were one of the many sellers of these objects. Marshall Carter & Dark using a market monopoly their able to sell their merchandise at any price they desire.

Why is MC&D different to any other GOI?:

MC&D’s goal is not the containment/termination of anomalies but it’s goal is to make as much profit as possible. This is a very capitalist GoI, in my mind. While foundation and others use/contain anomalies for or against specific groups. For example, CI use anomalies for the betterment of society, at least that is their goal. While MC&D uses anomalies to make as much profit. MC&D does not care who it sells to, it sells to the highest bidder.

Someone has revealed that you are MC&D, what do you do and why?:

I would first find and silence the man who was spreading the word/revealed MC&D. Before silencing him, I would probe him about what he knows. After this, I would assess the damages and see if anyone else has find out. If it a large crowd, a disinformation campaign may be better then killing them all, as that would rise suspicions even more.

Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread? (One word is not a valid answer):

Yes, I have. Here are some examples of the rules –

1. MC&D identity must never be leaked and MC&D should stay secret at all times

2. I must respect all MC&D members and all my customers. Also, teamwork is very important with my subordinates and bosses.

3. Minging on the job is not allowed.

4. All my actions should be quite “diplomatic” which means all my actions should be justified and respectful.


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Use this message as proof read rules before playing the job.

Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Salesmen (Current manager)

Alpha-1 Commander

O5-8 "The Gangster"

Director of the Department of External Affairs

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