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Unwarn Request

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My In-Game name:Pirate Monke

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com)
Steam Name:Kanser

What is the reason for your warn:FearRP

Name of the staff member who banned you:Toon

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned:Since the whole situation came out by Joe a Mercenary Who broke Rule 4.6.2 which is you need to get paid BEFOREHAND to do a illegal which mugging is a illegal act the whole RP situation that he did was illegal then he got away with nothing but When I counter I got warned for FearRP since I thought it was valid when you pull out your guns to drop them I can counter it .the whole mugging situation is basically a rule break which is against the server rules then using the excuse of Im going to paid afterhand states that you are breaking a Mercenary Rule and since both parties did a mistake I think I should be unwarned for it I dont care about what I have lost but still when both parties make a mistake while the other gets nothing as a punishment it is a bit unfair


As You can see here the fact when did the incident happened and also that there is a certain loophol to pass through the certain rule to tell that he got paid and that is just abusing loopholes since the RM job gets paid 300 CR which certainly is not enough for a Mercenary that wants to be hired by getting paid 1 credit that is a certain loophole in my opinion and in timers there(PS btw toon took some little bit of time and it certainly looks like before hand but he got paid afterwards the incident took place 
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you broke fear rp and this isnt a place to state that joe shouldve been warned too, you litterally said "i thought" which shows me you dont actually know the rules. toon is experienced and did the right thing. and tbf this whole unwarn request is just trying to get joe warned, none of it is helping your case.


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0 - Kind of have to be a neutral party here.

First off let me explain what happened before you were even involved.

Joe asked if he can be hired to mug you as a RM due to you being a nuisance to their moisture farming, I told him that is fine.

I continue to watch from no clip while everything is happening, he asks you to drop your equipment while holding you at gunpoint, you proceed to pull out your weapons and gun him down. At that point I intervened and took you both into a sit, explained what you did and warned you.

While explaining what you did was wrong you continued to refuse what you did was wrong, and then further refused to drop your equipment when asked directly. This continued for around 5-10 more minutes.

This alone is worthy of multiple warns:

  • The Fear RP - Which you have been given.
  • RDM - Which I ignored.
  • Refusing to listen to staff - Which I also ignored.

It was at this point I directed you to the forms and you continued to argue your warn in game.

While Joe did breach the rule 4.6.2, he only did so on a very minor level compared to what you did.

Note - I did also go and speak to Joe to let him know that he should technically get paid beforehand, he had made the agreement and just had not been paid yet. You should also note that there is no limit to what you may be paid, this may be seen as a loophole, but that should be discussed separately.

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Staff member handled the situation correctly. Before quoting others on the rules make sure you have read them all properly yourself.

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