Battalion Security as a regiment.

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What your suggestion is:  I think it would be a cool idea to have battalion security be a regiment , it wouldnt be a big regiment it would be a small regiment like RC max of 6-8 members. Battalion are the highest ranks on (mostly) and they should have people protecting them and be their personal "army". I know the Job has become a meme , but i think it might be good and actually bring a pulse to the jobs.
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Battalion are clones, clones are expendable, the only ones that ""should"" get protected are the admirals because they are regular people, and being honest, they are powerhouses that dont need any protection, and they got RC, also CG is literrally an escorting regiment apart from arresting and such, in case someone was to need scort CG should be the ones doing it, also BS and ABS are just jobs to annoy Battalion members being honest


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90% of battalion would tell their guards to fuck off.
Only a small amount of people would want to Guard RP all the time.
Realistically how would they get tryouts and trainings done if all the did was guard.
People in the guarding regiments would most likely get a superiority complex and get chummy with battalion trying to get access to battalion only information.

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Please no, I hate it as it is. To then add it as a regiment is just big No No

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A conversion of the VIP/Plat VIP jobs to a regiment would first be wrong towards people who enjoy playing as those jobs without having the mandatory duties of clone regiments.

Besides that, a clone regiment tasked to protect clones is really not needed and makes no sense. CG is the security regiment and is currently doing a good job. 433rd is a clone example of how such a regiment will die out due to lack of interest of their job and structure.


This change will bring little to no improvement. It will instead make the jobs worse by having people to play those jobs in order not to lose them. Battalion Security and ABS are jobs in which people find joy in certain occasions, because their job is only rarely needed.


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