Mark Kuntson

Mark Kunton's O5 Re-App

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Your in-Game Name: Mark Kuntson

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:119242586

Your Age: 21

Your In-Game Playtime: 9 weeks

Your Warns: 4

Rate Your RP Skills: Solid 9/10

What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?:

O5-2 with a custom character, dossier is below:

O5-2 "The Magical Artist"

Male, African descent, Appears to be in his 30s,

A former member of Group of Interest "Are We Cool Yet?", deffected and was recruited into the Foundation as a specialist and consultant on the group.

Despite his appearance, he acts old for his age. Is overall a friendly man, often seen around Safe Class SCPs. Despises violance and is a pacifist. 

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?: 
Yes. I have been playing since v4 and my 4 warns should confirm that I understand the rules and can follow them.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):
I want to bring to the Council mostly my RP skills, previous experience and the character, the Council is often seen as this brutal governing body that does not care for personnel. I want to change that with my character, who is a pacifist by nature.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?: 
An O5's job is to oversee, as the name says. They do not usually micromanage the Site or the employees and rather work through the chain of command, contacting personnel such as Site Directors, Head Researchers and such with tasks and directions, so they can pass the message onto the other employees. They only intervene when the situation is dire and mostly just sit back and receive reports.

What is the O5 Council?: 
The O5 Council is a group composed of 13 or 12 members that are (probably, Administrator might be a thing) the highest ranking personnel in the SCP Foundation. They usually have a final word in all matters, but mostly only decide on the more pressing and important ones. Each of the 13/12 Council members is a unique individual with sometimes anomalous abilities. Their job is overseeing the Foundation as the organization and guiding it through the tests of time. They are responsible for ensuring that the Foundation as an organization maintains and at least attempts to fulfill their mission statements, that is to Secure. Contain. and Protect.

Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?: 
Currently I am Nu-7 General Staff.

What Department would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...):
I would like to focus on the Research Department or the Ethics Committee.



I have copied some parts of my previous application because, first of all they were good answers and second of all what makes an O5 app is not the app itself but the person which applies.


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Was a competent O5

Nu7 Management

Not retarded

Nice guy


Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Salesmen (Current manager)

Alpha-1 Commander

O5-8 "The Gangster"

Director of the Department of External Affairs

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Please reapply at a later date, and try and improve yourself further I guess

Present SCP Ranks:
SCP Developer

SCP Ranks Past
SCP Manager
SCP Head Admin
SCP-Head Moderator             
SCP-096 Co-Manager
Onerioi Collective
Ethics Committee Manager
Chaos Insurgency Delta Manager
Sarkic Manager
O5 Council Manager


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