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In Game Name: 

Drake Watcher



Crafting Table experience level:


What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?:

Manufacturing Department is tasked with crafting necessary supplies for MTF and other armed/unarmed personnel. They are able to craft modifications such as rifle/shotgun ammo types and underbarrel attachments. They can craft ammo kits and crates with various sizes. They can also craft other items such as gas masks and explosives like 40mm ammunition.

Head of Manufacturing on the other hand is tasked with ordering manufacturing personnel around and making sure MTF has all the supplies they need. HoMD is also able to craft more complex items with different purposes. Examples would be raiding tools such as breaching charges for MTF Nu-7, more explosives such as S.L.A.Ms for MTF, healing grenades for MTF and the Micro H.I.D for the E-11 Commander during a major containment breach.


Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?:

I believe I will be a good fit because I'll try to play the job actively and effectively, I'll supply foundation personnel with whatever they need for the lowest prices. I won't minge on the job and I'll go wherever I am needed,as an example if there is hostiles in subway and MTF are trying to push them back I'll go to GA and supply them with ammo crates, gas masks and healing grenades.

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