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Bruno Woodston's Site Director application

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In-Game Name: Bruno Woodston

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104209528

Age: 16


In Game Time [Proof Required]: 4w 3d.Screenshot_503.png.26075197587ff5a24d96c1858cb41d76.png

(Isn’t required but I have only 1 warn for FailRP – leaving site as IT technician)

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Currently I hold the E-11 CMDR and HoEA WL. In the past I have been ISD and A-1. While ISD and A-1 are not leadership positions, they both are CL4 positions.


Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I believe I would be a good Site Director for multiple reasons. The first one would be that I am aware on how the foundation works. Due to my past experiences in different type of positions I know how the site works at multiple levels. I am quite adept at leadership, quick-thinking/actions under pressure. Due to me having experience as HoEA, I am also able to deal with external issues if needed. Another reason that I have a good understanding of the legal codex which would allow me to punish personnel accurately. I also like listening to others and seeing what they have to say which would allow me to get a better understanding of situations.


What role does the Site Director have on the site?:  The role of a Site Director is to maintain the well-being and security of the site. The best way to do it would be that the head of departments within the site are organized and working somewhat together. This is achieved not by ordering every person – micromanaging the site but by giving direct, understandable, and logical orders to the heads of all foundation departments. A Site Director also must report to the council, so they are also informed of what is happening on-site. Another job is to deal with law and punishments so disciplining personnel. This duty sometimes gets taken over by the Ethics Committee if they are present. Site Director also gives Site Advisers orders who work more closely to personnel and ensure that they are following their given orders/the codex/official foundation policy and whatnot.


What is the O5 Council?: O5 council are 13… entities. These are the highest-ranking personnel on-site. Everyone directly or indirectly answers to them. They are the ones that have the final say in everything. Only CL3 personnel know of their existence. Only a select few have even seen them, even less know them by name and appearance. They are almost untouchable but to maintain that they stay in secret. Due to them being secretive not much is known about them. One thing is clear though you do not go against them, but you follow their orders to the letter.

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Good friend

Has experience in the server and a good rep

Still meh in combat but that doesnt matter for SD xD

Is a trusted individual

Is not a minge

And lastly he is a good HOEA so hopefuly he can be a good SD


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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

Good app,  good playtime, has experience, esmu apmierināts ar to, ko esmu pats redzējis.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

You know where to contact me.

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