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I got banned in star wards rp for 4 weeks earlier due to some erp and running from mods. The erp stopped after a mod took me to one side and told me to stop as it was not allowed and i therefore followed his order and stopped. However i have no recollection of running from mods and was banned while in mods handcuffs where i believe to have been going to the brig.

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My In-Game name: Olajide Olatunji

STEAMID: 76561198799133660

Steam Name: Panda

What is the reason for your ban: Severe ERP/ Running from Staff sit

How long were you banned for: 4 weeks

Name of the staff member who banned you: Bones

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I was following the rules after the mod spoke to me and was banned while doing nothing wrong


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-1 you did a lot of erp, It's clearly a childhood friendly server where in the rules it clearly states no erotic rp of any sorts, ERP is a serious offence on the server thats why its so long of a ban.You said something later on, on the lines of "Oh well it wasnt taught in cadet training" thats cus cadet training teaches you most IC stuff while OOC rules are on the forums and for you to read them in your own time.

"/me bends over" - we all know altho clearly not anything erotic we know in what way you meant it
"CT PVT Olajide Olatunji ➞ Clone Trooper 300 HP user: /me ejaculates in a fountain of cum"
"CT PVT Olajide Olatunji ➞ Clone Trooper 300 HP user: /me agressively masturbates"
Then from what i was told you also did some other things i dont have evidence for

The running away from sit is just stupid it shows even more you werent following rules
You also got arrested for stuff like relasing cadets that were most likely your friends (or just something you wanted to do to mess about) even after being told not to do this, this shows even more being mingy from your side.

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I was in game when this  happened so I shall explain my point of view,

You were doing /me in chat with some ERP statements, in which I then verbally warned you to stop [logs shown by Aleks]. You then stopped the /me and started doing actions in character which were also ERP.  About the running from a sit. You were put into a sit with the staff member whilst they were checking logs, which you then decided to walk/run off from the sit hence the added reason. 

The excuse "I was not taught this in cadet training" is also invalid.


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As the member of staff who banned you, I’ll explain why action was taken. Firstly in SWRP Rules & Regulations (Star Wars RP - Rules & Regulations - Star Wars RP Server Rules - Werwolf , In Section 1.7, subsection 1.7.1,  it clearly states - “ERP is strictly forbidden, and any sort of ERP will result in a severe ban and warning.” So, saying you’ve done nothing wrong is an understatement.

Another member of staff gave you a verbal warning about what you were doing is in breach of the rules, but you decided to ignore that. Then when I intervened and was conversing with you about this, I reiterated that what you were doing is a warnable and potentially bannable offence, which again you decided to ignore. Then halfway through you ran from the Staff Sit, I attempted to get you bring you back but you continued to run. which got you warned for doing so as I had not finished explaining what the consequences of the previous breach would result in for you. 

Before appealing to this, you decided to try and bypass the ban through an alternative account which resulted in that account getting banned as well.

The ban was set for the time it has because of the severity of the content you were creating with the addition of you ignoring what has been emphasized about the Rules which comes across as you having no intent to play the server seriously. So my suggestion is if you wish to join back the server, take this time of the ban to read through the rules and regulations so situations like this will not occur again.

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Staff manger Lewis please deny this buddy

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You broke server rules and ERPed. This offense is heavy as we have young people on the server. From peoples responses, you have just come on the server to mess about and to break rules.

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