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In Game Name: Mephisto Clarke 

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:208890699

Crafting Table experience level: Maximum level idk which it is exactly but I can craft everything on the crafting table

What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?:

Manufacturing department are tasked with supplying the site armed force with ample amounts of ammunition, weapon equipment, various types of ammunition for assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, pistols, etc. They can also produce defensive equipment like gasmasks for armed and unarmed personnel alike. Head of Manufacturing Department is also skilled and authorized to produce healing grenades, explosive devices; breaching charges and SLAM explosive devices and the Micro HiD - only in the event of a Keter class SCP object containment breach, which only the MTF Epsilon-11 commander is authorized to purchase and utilize.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?:

I believe I would make a fine addition to the Manufacturing department as it usually isn't an overbearing job, quite simple when you get the hang of things.. Craft ammo for armed forces, fulfill all their tactical needs (ammo types, gasmasks), I am aware that explosive devices are only allowed to be used and sold to MTF units and the Micro HiD to the MTF Epsilon-11 commander in the event of a Keter class SCP object containment breach.



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