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In-Game Name: Evan Dark /steam Dr.Dark



In-Game Time [Proof Required]: 2w 4d 22h  142883721_Vstiek.PNG.f7b41943e983af7c4872220c7dd024dd.PNG

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Nu-7 SPC i was commanding PVTs/PFCs when there was no one higher then me and when playing HoS ordering security to patrol and stuff

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:My commanding skills are good enough to be SD and im want to concentrate on security/MTF and research/ethical stuff + i believe that i can help foundation + i noticed there's not much people that plays SD for some reason and i also wanted to help 

What role does the Site Director have on the site?He is the highest authority in Site's, they controls Site's and prevent Site's from collapsing they take care of safety and all the operations going on site 

What is the O5 Council?:O5 council is group of people that is in charge of Foundation/and SD they give orders to SD's and they supervise all SD's

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