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In-Game Name: Olli Sivonen

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:49577756

Age: 23

In-Game Time [Proof Required]: 11w  1d  08h 27mm 00s

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: ECM,Nu7 SGT, SA, Finnish defense force  officer

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:  I yes i do  i can operate in very high pressure times good situational awareness, think on my feet, make sure well being of my site, and how do deal with most bizarre times, i do make sure my fellow personnel safety is secured   

What role does the Site Director have on the site? Site director is defactor leader of current site, looks after whats going on on site or dealing with outside problems to site
as well authorize dangerous research, making sure personnel keep working and limiting dangers to the site or personnel and pass down orders form 05 council, also bring problematic situations to O5 ears so station can be bring to close faster 

What is the O5 Council?: They're the head of the SCP Foundation, the one that makes big calls about dealing with other G.O.I 
making new rules, doing project or experiment, making new Site, making containment procedure, etc

very mysterious group of individuals some of them are suspected to be anomalous but none knows for sure

there are 13 members  at time, what is sure  they are the ones managing Foundation form behind scenes



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I mean its olli

good app

loads of previous experience


Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Salesmen (Current manager)

Alpha-1 Commander

O5-8 "The Gangster"

Director of the Department of External Affairs

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+1 It's Olli

Has the knowledge, expertise and experience for Site Director and is more than capable for it,

Proud owner of the famous Gromit Mug.



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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

Seen you on the server for years and you probably know what you are doing.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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