John Frazbear

John Frazbear's Unban Request

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Server I got banned from: SCPRP

My name in-game: John Frazbear

My SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:594029507 

Admins' name that banned me: The Whisper (something like that)

Admin's SteamID: I don't know there steam id 

Why did I get banned?: I was served the perma ban punishment due too mass spamming props, I admit that was stupid of me and was not needed what so ever and was deserving of that punishment.

Why do I deserve to be unbanned?: I believe I deserve too be unbanned because I had been playing this server for quite a while now it was also my first ever server, I have been banned for just under 2 months and I am convinced that I have learned my lesson but that decision is entirely up to you to decide, I am truly sorry for the actions I made , If I do get unbanned I will not do it again you have my word, all I would really like is too be able to play on SCPRP again, and again I am really sorry for what I have done hope you can forgive me.

Anything else: there's nothing else to add on to this appeal.


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