Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: Scp Rp


Your name in-game: John CK


Your SteamID: Dont know how to see it


Admins' name that banned you: Tom Nook


Admin's steamID:


Why did you get banned?: Alt e abusing and telling others to do same




Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I spawned a chair and want to sit on it and it starts flying, i know thr glitch and it was a accident and i didnt telled anyone to fly with the chair or how to do it


Anything else?: First unban request sry if its wrong

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Absolutely not. You are a massive minge. If you arent minging on site you're minging as Marshall Carter and Dark.

Head of External Affairs - Ewan Miles

Unusual Incidents Unit - Special Agent Prophet


Adytum's Gate Sarkic Cultist - Volutaar Ewan Miles


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