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What your suggestion is:
Let's big up CG CO's having building tools, yea? Basically just extend the equipment we spawn with to CO, Three excellent reasons why:

- Makes trainings more streamlined

- CG Is one of the backup regiments in case DU and CE aren't on in enough numbers to build barricades. In fact, we need a barricade dupe at CO.

- CG need to be able to quickly paste some special dupes like temporary brigs during events.

Speaking as currently the only person who will be affected by this change as of the day I post this, yes CG is that dead, I believe that all the current CG CO's have the maturity to sensibly handle the physgun and toolgun.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Nah

Any additional information: all the current CG CO's are very epic. All one of us have been asking for this change.

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CG are not a primary building regiments. The only time you would be placing town temporary brigs would be during prime time events and at that time there will be many staff online to take you claim within seconds.

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