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Dr Alexander Adams


This test log is for clearance 3 or higher, if you are viewing this as a lower clearance you will be subject to punishment


Dr Alexander Adams Known Information



Dr Alexander Adams, commonly referred to as Dr Adams, born 1975 (45 years old) is an exceptional researcher with the SCP foundation, originally an employee for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


Dr Alexander Adams has been working for the Foundation for approximately 10 years and is specialized in biology and biological research into various SCPs, he originally was tough the way the foundation works by Dr. Jack Bright, Dr Alexander Adams was tough everything he needed to know about the SCP Foundation and over the years he has gathered a reputation across foundation sites for his outstanding research into SCPs, During the 10 years he has been working with us he has come across highly classified information and has been held responsible for seeing this sort of information.


Dr Alexander Adams was never prosecuted when he uncovered documents that was marked for CL5 personnel only, this information was marked as such as it revealed names of high ranking officials, he never disclosed this information to anyone and will refuse on releasing any classified information that he knows.


Dr Alexander Adams in himself is sort of an anomaly due to his blood line fading out of reality, he smokes a especially made cigaret that keeps burning and if he removes the cigarette or stop spoken it for a long period of time the blood line will end as he is the last surviving member of his family, this is abnormal as any trace of him across all timelines are mysteriously missing, this is estimated to be the anomalous properties that has been placed on Dr Alexander Adams family.


Dr Alexander Adams appears to be a cocaisn male, bold, left eye missing, approximately 185cm with a British accent and he will stand with his hands behind his back.


OOC Section



Too long didn't read

Name: Alexander Adams

Age: 45

Profile: Dr Adams is a researcher with the foundation that specializes in biological research


Sorry about any spelling errors or grammar issues, Any feedback on this document will be highly appreciated as I am willing to grow off what people say.


I got bored and decided to write up some information about my researcher character


Thank you for reading this


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