Dr Wolfgang Fritz

Fritz unban App

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Server you got banned from: WG SCP-RP 

Your name in-game: Dr Wolfgang Fritz 

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:547067356

Admins' name that banned you: Plague 

Admin's steamID:  Don't got it but his steam name is Pleig 

Why did you get banned?: As CI i seen a mass gathering of people in breach shelter so i killed the armed one there and any witnesses however staff seen this as a loophole which is completely understood and i respect their choice.


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:I think I  should be unbanned because I am not a minge i have never broke the rules and this has being my only warn so far. This is my favourite server and i am tired of playing shitty servers like Mexican border RP etc. I am sorry to anyone i killed within that breach shelter. If i known this would be a loophole  I wouldn't of done it as i know the rules and staff on the server. If this application does get accepted I will re read the rules and be careful before I act as this is an rp server not a combat server.

Anything else?: I know this application is very short however im pretty tired as of writing this so sorry about that.


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As someone who was in the breach shelter when this occurred (as HoEA), the fact that you thought that pulling a gun out and doing what you did, whilst there was at least 5+ armed Foundation personnel shows no real value for life or intention to actually RP. However, as you stated here (and was stated in /ooc after you were banned), what you did was a loophole and not necessarily a direct rulebreak, so whilst I don't think you should be unbanned immediately, I think that your ban should be reduced to several months, as opposed to a permanent ban.

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