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Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: SCP RP

Your name in-game: Glorious Ghapuda I believe at teh time

Your SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:145421830

Admins' name that banned you: Talrous Envoy or something like that, it doesn't show the name.

Admin's steamID: Don't know can't see that info.

Why did you get banned?: It says "Raid Timer, RDM, and DTSx2

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: So not gonna make it a speal, just gonna explain what happened and be done with it. 
I raided as CI Infil. After hacking into the cafeteria, i was sitting in their for a few minutes sending a message on snapchat, when the mod that banned me jumped down, said some nonsense and then killed me, calling me a fucking idiot and other similar terms as he did so and afterwards. I didn't see why he killed me, as if he'd heard me hacking I feel he'd have attacked right away instead of waiting so long. Got pissed off by it, went to enter through the other section. Now granted whether it was a valid kill or not, I shouldn't have just tried to run back in. Tmod came and stopped me, said if I entered I was going to be breaking the raid timer. Was pretty frustrated and bitched a bit, explained why i was trying. Mod that killed me prior came to tell me I was wrong to which I did essentially tell him to fuck off. I switched to CI Operative since they are on separate raid timers, and waited outside until my NLR was gone. Mod that killed me just magically happened to open the door that I was at and walked right to where I was hiding, saying hello. I saw what I thought was a pistol, and in a hurry got out of comms and killed him, taking my opportunity to enter the facility. He then tp'd to me, started calling me stupid again and asked if I knew the rules on unarmed. I answered sarcastically cause I thought he was being a cunt, as I thought he'd had a pistol out. He brought me to staff room. Said he wasn't armed, called me stupid again. He was waiting for me to give a defense/counter argument and I instead told him "I really don't care, if it means I'll hear your voice less then just fucking give me the warn for it I won't argue with you about the gun". He said ok. Started typing me a warn, went on a tangent conversation with a Tmod invis nearby. Then said "You know what, since I don't wanna deal with this guy I'mma just do this". Proceeding to ban me for 5days for all the listed reasons.

Anything else?: The only rule I broke was the rdm, assuming that he did truly not have a gun out like he claimed. Which I do not believe as he had already shown a proclivity to dishing out violence on his own when he killed me before, but i digress. I should have been warned for RDM. I did not break the raid timer, as I was stopped and righted before i could make the mistake. The staff diss x2 seems like just a way to filler the ban to make it seem valid. I never directly made fun of him or used any profanity. I did make sarcastic comments about how great he made the staff look and how he probably had gross teeth. I think banning me for that is just a bit more then a little lazy and low for a staff member. 

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