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Josh Richardson Marshall Carter and Dark Application

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Common Roleplay name: Josh Richardson
Steam Name: Gater
Steam ID: 

Your current warns : 9 Please DM for screenshot Discord is Gater#8445

Why do you want to join Mcnd: ive been on this server for a bit longer and whilst playing GOC i used to find The Rp between Chicago Spirit really nice since MCND is a Varying version of The Chicago Spirits I think rp with the GOI is still fun and i wanted to see how it is from the other side as i Interacted MCND a bit with my Texas Payday Character Also big reveal Money

What do you know about MCND: MCND or in full Marshall Carter and Dark focus on selling things out of the ordinary as well as supply GOI they do not care about their social standpoint MCND Has Large amounts of power over everyone and they keep secrecy about their products very seriously MCNDs Connection range wide over the entire earth they have no reason to continue their act but its a screenplay to them and they are the actor producer and Spectator 

Why Is MCND Diffrent to any other GOI?: They dont work towards a goal they have already achieved what needed to be achieved unlike ci or sarkics they supply other GOIs and just do whatever gives them money and motivations they do not want conflict but show the public what is existant although foundation does see them as a hostile group they dont act like one 

Someone has Revealed you are mcnd what do you do?: First of if they are somewhere out of my reach i spread missinfo and tell agents to go find the person and bring him to the club secretly stripcomms and neutralize due to Keep secrecy and avoid GOIs Like uiu and Foundation 

Have your Read the rules and code of conduct for mcnd: yes i have and i understand and accept them :]

Thank you for reading

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16 minutes ago, Josh Richardson said:

thanks for the Reply  if you could message me on discord or the forums on how to improve would greatly accept that Gater#8445

 If you want to improve make the app better please (like add more detail if possible) . In its current state its pretty meh to bad...

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This app is pretty "meh". Definitely needs more detail. Until this I'm not really sure I'd trust you to sell me weapons. Make sure you get lots of MC&D Lore inside of it. Look at past apps for inspiration (not copying obviously)

Head of External Affairs - Ewan Miles

Unusual Incidents Unit - Special Agent Prophet


Adytum's Gate Sarkic Cultist - Volutaar Ewan Miles


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