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Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: SCP-RP server

Your name in-game: Fratro Cazz

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:137611382 (as it is said in the comments

Admins' name that banned you: CPL Wwatcher

Admin's steamID: I don't know

Why did you get banned?: I got banned for killing 4 class D for no reason


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I had just logged into the server (less than 6 hours practically) and I saw all the guards shooting class D so I tried it too. I was not warned or demoted but banned instantly without even being able to clarify. I didn't think I was doing something so bad that it deserved to be banned from the server like this. I am so sorry and would just like to continue having fun with the friends I made there. Please.

Anything else?: The admin who banned me gave me no explanation nor warn. I hope I can come back and play properly because I was really enjoying it. 
Ah! If u see another BAN on PUBG (3 years ago) well I do not even know how I got it, I played that game for like 20 hours and then got VAC banned for no reason. Never cheated in my whole life, not even once.

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I know it's a pain for you to come here and listen me but I can't do anything more than this. All my friends are actually playing on the server and I'm panicking because of the bad decision I made. If I comeback on the server I think I'll be like Gandhi for sure...


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I remember Salvini mussolini, John Twitck i think he was called, Caparezza and Gianfranco Caselli. I made this friends during the game. They were called wt this names before i got banned.

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6 hours ago, PapaDriller said:



Imo shouldve been a temp ban since it was just an RDMx4 



Technically it was MassRDM (permban) due to the fact that he constantly broke the RDM rule, at least that is the definition of Mass in the Staff-Guideline for punishments. 

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I don't even know what's the RDM role, it was the first time I joined the server, if u let me in again I'll go read all the rules. Never played in an RP server before so I didn't even know what it was... As I said I'm truly sorry, please give me anothe chance


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Seems genuinely apologetic. 

But you were banned very recently. 

Wait a good amount of time before re-appealing; it will show the community that you've changed / thought about your actions.

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