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SCP-303 "The doorman"

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Object Class: Euclid

Scp 303 looks like a very skinny naked person with no genitals and his head is slightyly bigger; and instead of a face he ha a giant mouth with his teeth and gums showing, he crouches behind windowed door. behind doors and other objects that obscure its appearance when in the presence of a sentient observer; he can also change his size to hide in smaller places such as cabinets and drawers.
level requirment: 40
plat vip
How this job would work in the server is it would have a invisible swep or a swep that makes only one play see it at a time and a shirnk swep and you choose someone to follow hide behind corners only showing part of you if you were in heavy containment were the higher ranking jobs if someone is in the staff area you could shrink down and hide partially behing a object.
I think the spawn should be the stairwell that is always dark bcause i think that is a little fitting.
The only harm this SCP can door is mentally in RP.

i think this would be a cool scp to have on the server.
edit: I accidentally posted this in the wrong place so i am putting it here



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-1 I think this wouldn't be good on the server.

Also I kinda miss basic info.

-Level Requirement for the job?

-Rank Requirement (VIP/PlatVIP)

-Is it going to be a WL job?

If you really want this mabey you should add a little detail how the job will work on the server.

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