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Explain this Logic with PAC in SCP


Ok, so earlier today I got pulled aside for my PAC for 2 reasons.
1, I had Angel Wings
2, I had Robotic Legs

I can understand that Angel Wings Aren't allowed. But how is Robotic Legs FailRP?
In the SCP Foundation we have the following:
- A man that can Phase through walls and Send people to alternate Dimensions
- A Lizard that has God Like regenerative abilities and Phsycopathic Malicious Intent
- A rock that can move at the speed of Sound and snap your neck
- A Woman who floats around space and Warns the foundation of End of the world events!

And the thing that the Staff team has a problem with is a man losing his legs and getting Cybernetic Replacements!?
There are people who walk around with PACs such as 
- My eye was removed so now I have an Anomoly in it, should he be an SCP?
- A guy that plays 073 and can use a Satanic Summoning circle from nowhere and float, point where in 073's log that shows up.
- And a guy that has a bird with an army hat on it! How is that not being questioned!?

There are no rules that state what I have is unrealistic. The rules state that "You can't have anything unrealistic", such as a D-Class with a gun, 173 being able to walk, and 999 having legs! How is Cybernetiks FailRP!?

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