Buff the damage on the LFS launcher

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What your suggestion is: My suggestion is to buff the LFS launcher's damage

Scriptfodder/workshop link: none

Any additional information: General information about the current state of the LFS launcher, Its only purpose is to target LFS Vehciles and turret,  The damage range from 420-450 on vehicles and turrets, On infantry only 200 but since its only to be used on vehicles its not a problem, The LFS rocket launcher and Republic RPG uses the same type of ammo, The max ammo we can carry/get is 5 + 1 in the chamber so a total of 6 shots, The republic RPG does about 200-250 damage against LFS targets making it better suited to use on infantry since its dealing 1500+ on direct hit.

Now why to buff it you may ask. Because the maximum amount of damage you can deal with all is between 2520-2700 damage at most from one person that has the LFS launcher. You might think its decent amount of damage sadly that would be wrong. When it comes to armored targets and turrents its barely nothing. The AAT has a starting HP on 8000 hp something the EP can scale up to withstand more damage. The best way to counter a tank is with another tank. How ever during diffrent circumstances where thats not possible the LFS Launcher is the best against tank but the damage is still too low to take any effect.

When it comes to LFS ships the damage is still the same (max 450) and most ship only has 450 hp. The chances of the LFS rocket hitting a ship a bit diffrent then what you might think since the LFS launcher locks onto its target. Now the Lock on mechanic is relatively useless as it is very easy to shake it off. All you have to do is take a sharp turn and the missile basicly misses its target 100%. The only times it hits is if the target is flying towards you or if its flying straight.

There are about 4 diffrent LFS turrets, the LFS portable turret dealing 22 500 DMG/MIN but its downside is that is has 850 hp, The LFS anti infantry turret deals 45 000 DMG/MIN and it has 3000 hp a fair amount of HP making it a formidable enemy to counter. The LFS Anti Tank deals 62500 DMG/MIN and has 4k hp Now each shot deals 1250 and can easily take down any vehicle it counters (even bertha in 12 seconds), The last turret is rarely used in events and i could get the exact damage on it but Its the Anti Fighter and it has 2k hp.

Why did i explain all the turrets damage and hp? Basicly alone these turrets deals a high amount of damage but during events they are usualy stacked up in masses. Now lets get to the point since the LFS Launcher is only capable of dealing at max 2700 damage before needing to get resupplied makes prioritized to use the ammo for the Republic RPG since it deals more damage towards infantry (keep in mind it still sucks against LFS Vehicles and turrets dealing only max 250 dmg). The republic RPG can deal 9000ish Damage before a resupply. In planetary's to resupply could take forever depending on where your located and unless CE has set up a resupply station. In places where tanks cant get through turrets can stop a push for a long time and since the LFS launcher takes all ammo to almost take one down and then go for a resupply it just doesn't make it worth using them.

Conclussion: The LFS launcher deals so little damage it discourage using it and instead use the ammo for the Republic RPG. To make it more viable and encourage to use the LFS launchers would be to increase the damage dealt. 

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Me and vandori spent quite some time doing some testing and research about this, we tested every single thing about the turrets and about the LFS RPG.

An increase of damage to the LFS RPG would be really nice based on the things Vandori explained above, aswell as previous mentioned above the lock on system sometimes is useless as one simple turn can shake it off (We tested this aswell as I was flying around and Vandori was shooting) 

Now moving on to the turrets, the LFS Anti Tank can destroy the AT-RT  in 1 shot (Fair since it only has 450hp) but it can also 4 shot a IFTX and even 10 shot Bertha making it stupidly OP, the other turrets seem fine however the LFS Anti Infantry turret in my opinion should have the HP slightly lowered.

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As their supervisor I agree. I pick the Republic RPG pretty much all the time but I did try out the LFS launcher. The only vehical it is good against is ships and that is about it. Even if you have the LFS launcher and you see a turret or an enemy vehical it is still usually better to go for the republic RPG, since if you hit the AAT with the republic RPG it will only deal like 250 damage but you will fuck it's physics making the tank diffcult to move around. With the turret scenario it is still better to use the republic RPG because ECs tend to stay around them since they are a great area denial tool, which we can easily punish by shooting a republic RPG at the turret damaging it and dealing a decent amount of splash damage to the ECs around it. Overall the only viable option of killing vehicals and turrets is usually a tank but we can't use a tank everywhere unlike the RPGs. Worst of all since they share ammo 212th is even more discouraged from using LFS launcher, since it often puts you in this situation if you use it: cool you have hit the tank twice. Now there is a big group of enemies rushing you, so you whip out the republic RPG to be greeted with 0 ammo in reserve.

Oh and adding on the LFS Anti Tank Turret, it is busted. With just one of these I managed to take down 2 LAATs 1 Bertha and damaged like 2-3 LAATs to the smoking point before my turret was destroyed. Yup that is fair.

TLDR: The republic RPG is just vastly superior over the LFS launcher even againts vehicals.

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Damage of the LFS launcher to ships will be slightly buffed

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