GRU Division "П"

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Your steam name:

Dr'i'dont'know (Old BC Founder)

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Your in-game name:

Chaosman Jones

Your in-game playtime:

2 days

Your in-game level & rank: 

Lvl 40, VIP

What is GRU Division "П"? Describe in your own words:

What used to be called  Abnormal Occurrences Commission/AOC, GRU Division "П", handles and captures anomalies. They are a subdivision of the Russian Military Group GRU. They were a private force made by Stalin, used to investigate the death of Kirov, after the collapse of the USSR they were rarely seen. Often doing their own thing.

What are this group's main purposes, objectives and goals?

Stated above, they were supposed to find out the death of Kirov. After their success, they were tasked with handling anomalies that Stalin could use for power, after realising how advanced Nazi Germany and western countries were in finding anomalies, GRU-P closed the gap. After bombings of occupied European countries, many bombs didn't go off, this was for the USSR to find out the anomalies ordinance. Attempting to utilize these anomalies. GRU-P kind of functions the same now.

Why do you want to join GRU Division "П" and what can you bring to the group?

I want to join this group because it is one of the coolest jobs here, capturing anomalies but also have serious scenarios. I love playing as C.I. and MC&D because they're surface-level jobs and they capture anomalies for their own use. Which I like. What I can bring to the group is strength and mostly flanking-based strategies, I'll also be able to back-up and dealings that go wrong.



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