Manni Giovanni

Manni Giovanni"s unban Request :)

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Server you got banned from:

- Werwolfgaming SCP Roleplay.

Your name in-game:

- Manni Giovanni.

Your SteamID:


Admins' name that banned you:

- Not given.

Admin's steamID:

- Not given.

Why did you get banned?:

- I killed multiple d classes (6) without a reason (RDM). This ban was my own fault.


- Not available

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

- I mostlikely ruined the gameplay of those guys that i killed without a good reason, im sorry for that. We had a verbal discussion which got out of hand, and i took advantage of the situation because "i was the guard with a gun" foolish decision.... Before this accident i always tried to deliever high quality Roleplay with everybody on this server, it honestly was a great time! I admit that i made a huge mistake and i hope you can give me one more chance, i learned from my mistake.

Anything else?:

- The ban is from April (3 months ago). Thanks for reading my uban request, im from Germany so please dont judge my English skills :). Have a good evening/day.

- Lucas


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Hello,  you've attached a link of your steam profile, your steamID is actually this; STEAM_0:1:63044060

Also the ban was for MRDM, looking here you killed six people, not three. 


It's good that you recognise what you did was wrong and the consequences of it, and I wish you good luck with your appeal.

Proud owner of the famous Gromit Mug.



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I believe you deserve an unban. I made a similar mistake and killed 3 Class-D without warning them beforehand and it resulted in a permanent ban as expected. I can see you didn't MRDM on purpose and you just didn't know the rules well enough, I recommend you go over them while you wait for results on this appeal so when you get unbanned you don't find yourself in another admin sit.

Good luck with your appeal!

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