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In-Game Name:Bashar Barakah Jackson



In-Game Time [Proof Required]:5d6h30min20210814211250_1.thumb.jpg.dde0d41babf714009e144d8316cbd4c6.jpg

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:SA,DoEAA,

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:I would like to take care about the foundation and would like to have healthy worker's and Scp's around the Site.I know that the SD is taking responsibility of anything in the foundation.And i would like to take care and have the responsibility because i can handle stressfull and dangerous  situation's in my hand.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?The Site Director is responsible for the continued,safe operation of the site and all contained anonamalies aka scp's

What is the O5 Council?:The 05 is an 'hidden' group of people who know every single secret about the Foundation.Some belive the'y aren't existing some belive they aren't 100% human's.As they know everything about the foundation they make big decision's for the foundation and it's worker's and anonamalies.Low class personell doesn't know the existence of the 05 Council and most security research and other's don't have the access to know or meet them.As they know there is 13 member's of the 05 Council.The 05 Council has the highest clearence on the Site.

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-I dont really know what kind of person you are.

-I've never really talked to you or rped with you.

-To me, this application is to compact.

-could've been more thorough with the application and how it looks

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Yes,you can meet me one time,ask me question's or some info you need about me.Im a nice and calm person like to have fun but i do my job when it need's to be done.I will travel to Hungary in a few day's but we'll come back September 15th so i will be aviable till then.

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Look.. I've seen you ingame and I think you are alright. I think that the amount of playtime just isn't enough to understand how to operate a site. From my own experience as SD, It can be a very hard learning curve to go from an SA (and in your case DEAA) -which are both advisory and or assistance- to actually making the decisions. This isn't a comment on your ability to lead, just that the jobs don't fit the job you are looking to do.

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Neutral / -1

- I've seen you active on the server a few times but we never really interacted.

- I believe your playing time is low for the position you are requesting access to.

I recommend you to wait a bit and play a lot more administration jobs to make sure you get as much experience as possible

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