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Alexander [Private]

What country are you from?: 

I'm from Bulgaria

How well do you speak and understand English?: 

I understand and speak English very well.



In-Game name(s): 

Nick Waltson / PFC Nick Waltson



Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP):

2 weeks 0 days 3 hours

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?:  


Do you have a microphone?: 

Yes, I usually use it to communicate with other people unless something is preventing me from doing so.

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: 

Yes, I have TeamSpeak.

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum):

 In my opinion, I should be picked for the staff team because I'm active on the server and I believe I have enough playtime and have seen and been in enough staff sits to have the necessary knowledge about what staff members do and what their responsibilities are such as being unbiased, mature and never pick a side, they also should try to solve the problem with as much talking as possible and possibly stay calm and patient as much as they can to achieve agreement from both fighting sides in any situation regardless of who the people, how they speak, how well they speak and their age is and what the cause is. The staff team is also one of the main factors for good reputation and a successful server which makes the staff team very important, it needs to be filled with competent people which are willing to fulfill the job not only of a rule keeper but a representative and helper for the server as a member of the staff team and I beliеve I have those qualities. I can also help the server during its downtime as my timezone allows me to do so and I really want to stop the suffering during that time as I have been RDMed and meta gamed during these times and it's really frustrating and annоying and it ruins everyone's experience on the server which reduces player counts, therefore, the server can't grow and that's bad for the community, but I want to prevent that from happening. I want to make this sever an even better place and welcome newcomers with the love and respect everybody should get even if they don't return it back. I want to exterminate as many rulebreakers as I possibly can as they ruin the server and make it look bad when in reality it isn't. I also love helping people and keeping their experience as fun as possible and make sure everyone gets the proper help and explanation while they are being helped or punished so they can remember it well and never repeat it again. By being a part of the staff team I can fulfill my dream of assisting people and removing anybody who wants to ruin our good experience as well as work as a team with the rest of the staff team and give them a helping hand so we can achieve success as teamwork is the key for it. I myself am very calm and patient which is good when it comes to a job like this therefore this is the reason that I believe I will do well and be a good part of the staff team.

How long will you be able to play per day?: 

I will be able to play 1-5 hours per day depending on what I have to do during certain days.

Any past experience as staff?: 

Sadly I have no previous staff experience but I'm willing to learn so I can be good at it.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): 

I have 4 warns.

-Accidental RDM-
-RDM[Reduced punishment]-
-Prop Push-

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: 

 Even if I have no previous staff experience I know some commands.
- !slap -
- !slay -
- !warn -
- !goto -
- !to -
- !tp -
- !bring -
- !freeze -
- !jail -
- !kick -
- !whip -
- !disconnect -
- !model -

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):  

SCP-RP is a roleplay server taking place in the SCP universe. Many people with common interests join together in a welcoming community here. The RP is inspired by the SCP Foundation and people can play as one of the many different SCPs or jobs. However, SCP-RP doesn't only present the Foundation, it presents the surface world as well, through a place called Ovis City. The GOIs and the Foundation interact with each other and this opens the door to a plethora of different roleplaying scenarios made even more interesting via the endless amount of possibilities during them. This SCP-RP server allows people to use their knowledge about the SCP lore and make custom characters which improve the roleplay which on the other hand makes the server more interesting to play and opens a new door for even more roleplay situations which is something awesome. This server has a unique atmosphere and little to no toxic players which only itself makes it great. Another good thing is that you are not forced to act like a certain character and limit your RP situations. Overall SCP-RP is an awesome and welcoming place.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).: 

 I completely understand the rules of SCP-RP as I have read them a lot of times so I can prevent myself from breaking any rules and get in trouble. I believe I understand the rules very well so I will be able to work very well as a part of the staff team. I try to cause no trouble and not get into useless arguments as I want to have a positive picture for everyone around me. I will list some rules that mainly keep the roleplay running.

- RDM: Random Death Match is when somebody goes and kills somebody else for no reason or invalid one.

- Metagaming: Metagaming is when you use OOC information to benefit your IC character or prevent somebody from doing something.

- NLR: New Life Rule is that if your character died, you cannot use the information from your previous life for your new one.

- FearRP: FearRP is that you must follow your kidnappers' orders if they have their gun pointed at you and you can't break out of cuffs while at gunpoint.

- Powergaming: Powergaming is that you cannot perform things with /me that are unrealistic and your character can't do. 

- FailRP: FailRP is when you do something that ruins the roleplay like stacking 2 or more people on top of each other, trolling, using PAC3 to look like a certain job, and others.

(Thanks for reading my app! I hope i cleared all the problems from last time. Have a great day everyone!)


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Head of Manufacturing
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