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  1. 1. Should I be unbanned?

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Your name in-game: Dont Remember

Your Steam ID: 76561198959827390
Admins' name that banned you:

Admin's steamID: Do not remeber

Why did you get banned?: PropSpam

Evidence(Un-necessary): No evidence

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Im sorry it happened a while ago and im really sorry for what I did. It was like 6 months ago and i wasnt the only one who contrbuted to the server lag. A group of three people were had a base in big room and it had only 30-40 props and I spawned about 10-20 Tubs so i wasnt even really at fault.

Anything else?: Please accept my apology im really sorry just please forgive me

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Doesn't seem like an apology to me, looks like you're trying to shift the blame off yourself and on to the 'other people' 

Proud owner of the famous Gromit Mug.



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