Henry's <SECOND> Head of Manufacturing Department Application

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In Game Name:

Henry Johnstone



Crafting Table experience level (Post Screenshot): 125/125 Max.


What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: The MD's Job Is to keep Foundation Units and Armed Personnel equipped and ready for a fight, To supply them with Ammunition, Ammo Types, Gasmasks & Such.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: 

Since my last HoMD Application Got Denied I've been trying in the best of my abilities to improve at being more fit for this job, Since most people we're going on about my low playtime, I not only tried to improve that, but also my general knowledge when it comes to the MD,  And just the way I play it, I usually hang around EZ Big where most MTF Happen to be since I feel like they get most out off the ammunition the MD Can provide, But not only that, I like to move from spot to spot depending on where people need a Manufacturer, But I usually just stay in EZ, I could Say I have Improved a decent amount in this small period of time and I'm way more fitted now for HoMD Than I was when I first applied.

As I have previously stated, I generally enjoy the support role, and being able to make even the smallest different in how certain fights play out between MTF and whatever enemies they're going up against. I like being able to supply Foundation Personnel with Whatever Equipment and Ammo they might need.

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