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OOC Section

Steam Name: Orphan

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:28277999

In-Game Name: Jermey Germ

Discord: TPoseGerman#2906


??? Name:


Job Title: 

Mr Foster


Shape Shifting Swep


Playermodel: Mr Foster [Suit]



Foundation: Friendly

MCD: Undecided 

Anderson’s Robotics Company: Undecided

CI: Hostile


How will this character improve RP?: This character has the chance to improve passive roleplay all over the site. It Makes testing for researchers more fun The character is very welcoming to talk with people it Is Non-aggresive 


Mr Foster is a sentient sphere with the personality of someone friendly and docile with a poor understanding of human emotion and an unstoppable, but nonmalicious, determination to frighten humans. Mr Foster can shapeshift into everything it wants, and its power has absolutely no limit. It uses this power to shapeshift into what it thinks humans find scary to frighten them. Thankfully, due to its poor perception it, it is unaware of what humans truly find scary, believing the worst it gets are silly horror B-movies. However, its Keter-classification comes from the possibility of it learning about other much more dangerous SCPs or terrifying concepts such as nuclear war. If this were to happen, there would be an uncontained, unpredictable catastrophe on the universe's hands, which is why it's so important to keep Mr Foster as ignorant and oblivious as possible.

If You Need Me Contact Me On The Discord Above 

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