Jack Kullman

New SCP Facility Map. (Site-19)

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Map Created By: Waffles & Clunky


- Rooms and content ported from SCP - Containment Breach[www.scpcbgame.com].
- Twenty SCP rooms in total.
- Maintenance tunnels.
- Togglable lights.
- Max width and length surface outside of the foundation.
- Chaos Insurgency base.
- Built-in breach event. Opens all SCP chambers.
- Custom soundscapes for each area throughout the map.
- Admin control room

PROS - Working SCP rooms such as 914, 008, 895, 079, CLEAN 035 ROOM.

SURFACE GATE-A & GATE-B. GATE-A: Service Tunnel, surface gates route to GATE-B. 
GATE-B: Heli-pad (requires a ladder), Gate to the outside, road route to GATE-A.

CI Base: Containment units and a basement.

D-BLOCK: Working cells.

SCP-FACILITY: All offices, Maintenance Tunnels, Control Rooms, Site Director's Office, Conference Office, Studies Office, Cafeteria, more bathrooms, more LCZ rooms, more HCZ rooms, extra EZ rooms. 

Doors: Functioning doors. Smooth operating doors. No glitches. 

Maintenance: Working rooms that allows any Maintenance jobs operate 24/7 or RP whatever they desire. 

CONS - No civilian lifestyle outside the facility. Just trees, only CI's base.


Draw a map to layout all the directions and paths inside the facility. Need directions for LCZ, HCZ, and EZ. 



New Character: Jack Kullman 

Tactical Response Officer & Security Agent

Agent S. Ulgrin (Foundational Security Agent) 

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