My unban request (formatted)

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SCP rp

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Don't recall admin' name or id

Mass RDM and yes I did it and fully regret it

I know what I did was absolutely unacceptable and I regret every player that I had affected whilst mass RDMing and I'm sorry about it I should've never of done that itt was such a stupid act that got me banned off of an online server, one of the only online servers that I enjoyed I fully regret the mass RDM and all the negative impacts I had on the few players online that night. I know I doubt an unban will come my way but at least I know I what I did was wrong and ruined an amazing RP game for people and if I could then I would never ever make that mistake again and follow every procedure, rule and take it very seriously. I hope you take this into consideration, I promise I would never even attempt an RDM on purpose on any roleplay as I know how frustrating it is, I'm truly sorry please take this into consideration

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On 9/30/2021 at 6:49 PM, Cal Reece said:

What's SCPRP?

I do not know

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