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Walter Alvarez 096 app because why not

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Walter Alvarez



Playtime (Must be 4 days or over):

19w 2d

In-game Warnings (Reasons and amount, provide a screenshot. Type !warns to see a list, warnings may not exceed 20 [exceptions can be made]):

(Last warn over a year ago)

Have you read the rules of SCPRP and understand them?:

I have read the server rules.

Have you read the SCP-096 rules and understand them? Demonstrate your understanding with an example or two:

1. Don't be a annoying idiot who tries to get people to look at your face.

2. Don't abuse 3rd person or pac3 to look outside of your CC

3. Don't use your Bypasser SWEP on your CC door. Failing to follow this rule will end in the removal of the 096 WL.

4. If your in your boring CC you must sit face to the wall because you're playing a depresses SCP. If you don't look at the walls and some lvl 10 minge sees your face and you start chasing him it's a FailBreach and E-11/B-7 will cry about it in OOC. 

5. SInce we play SCPRP and not SCP:SL you have to kill all your targets no matter who your target is.

6. If you kill your target you must sit down in the exact orientation you killed him. You may not move at all unless you have another target

7. If a Foundation boi looks at you on purpose you have to report it to staff.

8. Make sure you don't kill anyone that isn't your target. If it should happen proof of it being accident is a pretty decent thing to have. 

9. Don't go after other SCP's because reasons. You may not chase after a target who is immortal for more than 1 minute.

10. If a lvl 12 security officer is bodyblocking you so you can't kill your target slap him to death. But that also only counts if they are actively bodyblocking you. So don't just kill anyone in your path.

Are you able to play the job often and RP correctly?:

Y E S.

What is the containment procedure for SCP-096 if it has breached? Explain with as much detail as you can:

So you play as an E-11 Containment because B-7 sucks. And while you run around in EZ having a Stun Stick battle with other E-11 you hear on comms [Foundation] Fin Fisch: OMG 096 IN LCZ. And since you are chad E-11 you go respond to that. So while heading to LCZ 096 kills around 10 more people because LCZ is Foundation Hellhole. Once you arrive in LCZ you spamm [Foundation] Walter Alvarez: WHERE IS 096. After getting a response on comms you hear that 096 is at SCP 173. So you rush there with your anomaly scanner. You locate SCP-096 in the room and slowly approach him while facing away from him. Once you reach 096 try to get in a good position like behind him and use your "CONTAINMENT CUFFS" on him. Once 096 is cuffed you write in comms [Foundation] Walter Alvarez: 096 bagged. Now you have the worst part behind you. All you gotta do now is walk 096 back to his CC and shoot any retard that tries to release him. Once you reach 096's CC you put him inside go behind him and release him. You walk out and the Job is done.

While in a test, the D-Class they have put in your Containment Chamber has run out and managed to get to the Entrance Zone after looking at your face. What course of action do you take and what do you do once your target is dead?:

I rush to EZ towards my target. After getting in range I clap that ass and sit down in the direction I killed him. I will not move around and wait for Containment Units to recontain me. Unless someone else looks at me. 

While chasing SCP-096-1, you pass a researcher, MTF personnel and D-Class who all look at your face accidentally. You manage to kill your original target and you circle back to kill the rest. Is this a good RP scenario and why? (Free form question.):

Yes. It's good RP because the 096 lore states that he fucks everyone up who looks at his face.

A Group of Interest has entered the facility and is attempting to bring you to their base. While transporting you, one of the members sees your face, however says that it was an accident and that you should just ignore it. What should you do and why?:

I would tell them in the LOOC chat shut up lololol and kill them. Now why not ignore them since they try to breach you. Well simply because ignoring them would break rule 5 and end up in my 096 WL removed.

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Ye, i like the app.


+1 on this maniac

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-Good App

-Has a good understanding of the job and the rules.

-Seems like a chill guy

-Good Playtime




+1 From me!


-Anubis Pfiefer

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Your warns have me worried and you have a long past which also gives me reason to feel you be untrustworthy for this

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