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SCP-5031 “Yet another murder monster”

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SCP-5031, in my opinion would be really good for roleplay as testing on it could actually give progress (in the entry they test on it and it learns how to cook and spell). Also, it could maybe use one of those food addons (forgot the name, might put in comment later) to actually cook food and give to people. 

possible rule(s):

SCP-5031 may not type or say full sentences, instead saying just 1 word or a few letters.

so yea

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Not a bad idea, not a good one either.

Wouldn't mind the SCP getting added if it did

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I said it in another post and I'll say it here again,

I don't mind new SCPs being added but it really depends on the server and how its gonna work.

We can have an SCP rotation every once in a while to bring a chance for new SCPs to be added and have a discussion on which SCPs we should keep and which we should say goodbye to.


It did get pretty boring in terms of SCPs because there is nothing new to really research about and therefore there aren't many researchers who interact with SCPs anymore. So I think bringing new SCPs at least in rotations would be fun and have more research RP to it other than breaching purposes.

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