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Chad Brad's Application for HOEA

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The Department of External Affairs


DEA is responsible for a wide spectrum of operations: planting disinformation, eliminating traces of SCP (both objects and the Foundation's) activity, D-class personnel enlistment, and recruiting new employees from military and civil institutions. The DEA is responsible for concealing the activity of Foundation agents and facilities in populated areas. DEA is essentially the front line of the Foundation as it filters all potential employees and is responsible for maintaining high standards among recruited personnel - this can also be called HR.


Roles of the Department of External Affairs, these are the different Departments of External Affairs you'll be managing.


- Administrative and Operations Bureau.

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- Disinformation Bureau.

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- Intelligence Bureau.

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- Recruitment Bureau.

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Job rules


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Application template


In-Game Name: Chad Brad

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41884764

In-Game Time (must be more than 5 days, proof required.): Proof

Discord ID: 134407041597964288 / Rain Flare#0569


Describe the different bureau's of the department of external affairs and explain what they do (go into as much detail as needed):

Disinformation Bureau: The job of the Disinformation Bureau is to make sure that the veil of secrecy is upheld. This is done by Amnesticating people who know too much,  planting misinformation for the general public, diverting attention away from the Foundation, lying to Groups of Interest for the benefit of the Foundation, getting people to believe something that is not true but is also beneficial to the Foundation, and [REDACTED]

Administrative and Operations Bureau: The Administrative and Operations Bureau is the one who mainly deal with Field Agents and other DEAs, mainly to get them to focus on specific tasks on external matters. This could be but not limited to: communicating and exchanging information with the other Site Administration, ordering MTF units on external matters, organising raids and assaults on GOIs, capturing anomalies found outside the Foundation and detaining POI for investigation and interrogation about [REDACTED]

Recruitment Bureau: The RB are the ones who deal with recruitment of on-site personnel, anomalous humans and Hostile GOIs. Different recruitment procedures for the different MTF units they would be assigned to are of course to be taught to the RB. These MTF units (Omega-12 and Sigma-66) are under the direct command of the DOEA. They also recruit all other personnel for the foundation, most people that have a job inside of the SCP foundation will have them because of the Recruitment Bureau. They also deal with [REDACTED]

Intelligence Bureau: The job of the Intelligence Bureau is the tracking and capturing of anomalous entities and information gathering of the different GOIs. Doing so by ordering and advising the Field Agents and the different MTF units on what is the best course of action to do so.

Show your understanding of the job rules:

One of the Nu7 units has brought in a civilian who was loitering at GA for an extended amount of time and has been confirmed as possibly hostile he's now in EZ cells, explain your course of action (go into as much detail as needed):

They will be brought into a interrogation to figure out why and how they got to GA, they will be checked for ID and have any disguise removed. If confirmed to not just be a Civilian but a GOI they will be asked about their knowledge of the anomalous and afterwards they will be by the discretion of the DEA either Terminated, Be subject to Protocol 12 (put into D-class) or Be subject to aforementioned Sigma-66                  If they are a civilian they will be asked about their knowledge of the anomalous and amnesticated and extracted off the site

The police department has raided a base of the Chaos Insurgency and have seized multiple anomalous items and a Chaos insurgency Operative has been detained. The PD interrogated the Operative who leaked information about the foundation and the anomalous world, what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed):

FAs will be told to try and get all people who know about these anomalies and the Foundation into the site, they will get 20 minutes to do it, all will be brought in for interrogation and be amnesticated. anyone after the 20 minute mark will most likely have to be terminated or have Protocol 12 enacted on them as the amnestics will not be able to do their job properly, if any Ethics Committee members are on Site they will be asked about the most humane way to deal with them. MTF unit NU-7 will be brought to surface and interact with the PD about handing over the items and POI as they will be taken in for more in depth interrogation by the military.

An anomalous person has been been spotted on the surface being far more physically capable than humanly possible (super speed and super jumping) what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed):

Field Agents will track them down and inform them that what they have received could somehow be harmful and they will need to be brought in to the Militaries care for testing of their anomalous powers. If they do not come willingly MTF will be sent to deal with him and a story will go out to misinform the surface about who is, this will be done by the Disinformation Bureau. After containment of the Anomaly he will be handed over to the appropriate site personnel.

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App is good and I am willing to give you a chance with this role. Use this as evidence when requesting your WL and request the role in the administrative discord. 

Please shut the fuck up, no one cares about your whitelists in a Gmod RP server

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