unban request

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Server you got banned from:  werwolf SCP RP

Your name in-game: Adam Soo

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:147168955

Admins' name that banned you: (console)

Admin's steamID: (console)

Why did you get banned?: attempting to bypass current/existing bans


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: i got banned year ago presumably because me and my friend were playing with the same internet connection. Me and my friend would like to resolve this issue.

Anything else?: I would like to get back playing in the server.

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Hi there.

An explaination as to why you were banned (or your friend, I dont really understand what you mean) the first time would be a great help in determining weather or not we should unban you. Also, explaining more on why you deserve to be unbaned would help too.

Goodluck on your appeal.

Please shut the fuck up, no one cares about your whitelists in a Gmod RP server

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