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INGAME NAME » Marcel Bachmeier (formely Erik Meier)

STEAM ID » STEAM_0:1:503653618

INGAME TIME » 1w 6d 7h 7m 53s

DISCORD ID » 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗛𝗮𝘀𝗕𝗲𝗲𝗻𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝗱 ツ#7777 (508991487778881537)

Describe the different bureau's of the department of external affairs and explain what they do (go into as much detail as needed) » First, there is the Administrative and Operations Bureau, which has to manage the field agents and department agents, communicate with site administration and handle external stuff like GOIs, Raids, POIs and containing anomalous items. The disinformation bureau is tasked with keeping SCP activity under the radar by spreading false information and amnesticating civilians who have seen too much. The intelligence bureau is needed for tracking down anomalies and GOIs, which is handled by field agents most of the time. When dealing with humanoid anomalies or hostile GOIs, the recruitment bureau can help by recruiting them as Sigma-66/Omega-12, which are put under direct command of the HoEA.

Show your understanding of the job rules » As HoEA, you have a SWEP allowing you to convert anomalies to Omega-12, but you cannot combat convert (should be in cuffs before being converted) and only have 2 O-12 and 3 S-66 at all times. On site you basically have no commanding power (except for S66/O-12 and DEA agents) and report directly to the O5s, but the SD still has some authority over you, and if you plan a raid, you have to leave the tactics to the MTF and not go up to surface and "observe".

One of the Nu7 units has brought in a civilian who was loitering at GA for an extended amount of time and has been confirmed as possibly hostile he's now in EZ cells, explain your course of action (go into as much detail as needed) » I would start by getting him to the interrogation room and ask him who he is and what he was doing in front of GA. If he is just a civilian who wandered around in front of GA, you can be amnesticated and released back into MT or in front of GA by MTF/DEA. If he is confirmed to be part of a GOI, he will be interrogated to get as much information about uniforms, bases, tactics and other members of the GOI as possible, then either terminated, demoted to Class-D or recruited as Sigma-66 at the end of interview.

The police department has raided a base of the Chaos Insurgency and have seized multiple anomalous items and a Chaos insurgency Operative has been detained. The PD interrogated the Operative who leaked information about the foundation and the anomalous world, what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed) » First I would try to contact the major or chief. After contacting him, there are two possibilities: If only 2-3 people heard of the foundation, they can be silenced by amnestics or simple threatening, or if more people know of our presence, I would create a cover story, that the Nu-7/E-11 are a part of the military here to seize the "artifacts" and the "terrorist" they captured for the government. The operative would be brought back to site and interrogated before being terminated or demoted, and the anomalies would be put in a containment chamber for research personnel to study.

An anomalous person has been been spotted on the surface being far more physically capable than humanly possible (super speed and super jumping) what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed) » First, try to spread false evidence using news reporters and field agents disguised as civilians by ordering them to spread as much false information while also observing how much people know about the anomaly. Then detain said anomaly and bring them back under the cover of him having taken some highly performance-enhancing drugs. If detainment is not possible, then quietly making the subject disappear and sweeping the entire thing under the rug should be possible.

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App is good and i have seen you play a fair bit and are rather competent. Request the HoEA role on the administrative discord and use this a proof of your WL.

Please shut the fuck up, no one cares about your whitelists in a Gmod RP server

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