Kato Hargravens sweet O5 Application

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Your in-Game Name: Kato Hargraven 

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80677142

Your Age: 17

Your In-Game Playtime: 01W:6D:16h:11m

Your Warns: None

Rate Your RP Skills: If we are rating from 10, Id say a 7-8. I am decently experienced, and quite thoroughly enjoy properly playing in roleplay scenarios.  I have been playing on RP Servers for more than 2 years.

What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?:
O5-11 “Father of Lies”. Unknown Descent, Unknown Age, Appearance tends to vary. Or O5-8 “The Accountant”, But I am sure it won't make much of a difference to change up the number.

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?: I have read the rules multiple times, and If I am unsure in something rule related, I always refer to the rules before making a mistake.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I wish to be part of the O5 council, to further expand my roleplay experience, and be able to sort of expand my horizon. I believe I am quite experienced in the terms of being part of site administration as I have been Site Director for roughly 8 months now, with a few breaks here and there. Furthermore, I operate very well under pressure, especially when it comes to quick and important decisions. 

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?: 

As it says, in the term Overseer itself, the O5 oversees the entire site, and they make sure things run smoothly from above. Especially through the chain of command with site administration, and they make sure the site administration does not completely fuck up, and once they have completely fucked up, they will try to ensure things return to normal. An O5 is also in charge of making the very important decisions together with the rest of the council, concerning basically everything in the site. 

What is the O5 Council?:

The O5 council consists of 12-13 members, each with their own designation. The O5 council is the head of the entire SCP Foundation, they ensure the critical decisions are met in the foundation, as they hold the supreme power over the SCP foundation. They know everything there is to know about the foundation, and they are the ones to ultimately ensure the world doesn't fall into total oblivion.

Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?: Site Director

What Department would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...): I am quite interested in Research, but due to The “Father of Lies” Origin, I would also like to deal with secrecy breaches etc, if possible.

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