Carlsson Lindberg

UIU Application (Not sure whether they are open)

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RP name: Carlsson Lindberg

Steam name: jmac

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:584520095

Playtime: Around 2-3 days

Warnings and how you got them:3 Day ban due to complicated reasons and me feeling under fear rp. Alt-E Abuse, accidentally killed CLASS D due to failing cooperation.

What is UIU?: UIU is a division in the FBI created during the Cold war focused on utilizing and uncovering anomalous entities and such. There role currently is to uncover these anomalous entities and find out information that hasn't been found out about or to there knowledge.

What is Three Portlands?: The Portlands is an independent city state within a self contained pocket dimension or universe. The access point via Oregon USA in Maine leading to the isles of Portland located in the UK. Three Portlands on the other hand is the most paranormal enclaved location out of them all. Containing over 80,000 Individual Citizens.

Why do you wish to join UIU?: Because I feel as if myself as a very passionate serious RP player, I enjoy everything to do with sticking around and finally regaining a whitelist from the rest I retired from. I in general love the concept of being apart of the UIU reading a lot about it and enjoying the WIKI and information. Uncovering anomalies and doing so in my case is fun as always and I've waited some time until I think was a good time to be apart of something I can enjoy all the time!

What makes UIU different from groups like GOC, GRU-P, etc?: That it has a significant role in being serious and having special abilities from what I think and in general seniority and passion to RP in a good manor.If the UIU apps aren't open I'd be happy to submit another time until so. I will most likely have to improve it as well seeming so it's bad.

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this aint the right area to do it, put it in the job suggestions section and reply to the thread which is UIU

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